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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Wonderful Weekend

As you probably know (if you have read previous posts), George surprised me by taking me to Desoto State Park near Mentone, AL to celebrate Valentine's Day this past weekend. We have been there before --but have never stayed in their lodge. We had a cute little room -with our own balcony and little stream and cascades right behind the room. We had a delicious Rib Eye Steak dinner on Valentine's evening. AND--while we were there, we visited the Little River Canyon nearby and took in several nearby waterfalls. It was a fabulous couple of days!!!!

We both enjoyed using our new cameras (George has a new Canon Rebel T1i and I have a Canon Rebel Xsi) --and as you can imagine, we took a million pictures (well--not quite!!! ha)... Here are a few --with many more to come!!!! The picture above is one of our favorite waterfalls (Little River Falls). Below are more!!!

Here's a picture of Desoto Falls --showing the icicles along the side. We have showed you pictures of both of these waterfalls before, but there was MUCH more water coming over the falls this time. It was awesome!

Here's the happy couple standing by the fireplace before enjoying a delicious dinner on Valentine's evening at the state park restaurant.

I took this picture of George at the dinner table on Valentine's evening. At that point, we were enjoying some salad from the salad bar. Dinner was delicious --and the atmosphere was super!

We didn't have much snow (just a dusting) in Alabama---but look what we found when we got home! We have about 5 inches of just the type of snow I love (the kind that clings to everything). I was so excited --and had to get outside when we got home, so that I could take even more pictures. It is SO pretty---so I'm a happy camper today just enjoying it!! George doesn't like it for some reason --but he's the one who has to shovel the driveway!!!!! Oh Well!!!! ha

I love to see the snow clinging to all of the evergreens. (You can tell that by looking at my header picture.)

My sweet little backyard birds are THRILLED that I am home. I had to refill the feeders when we got home. Don't you love this little female Cardinal at the house feeder?? Look at the snow on top!!!!!! Mercy Me!

I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend. I will try to catch up with your blogs this week (I hope).