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Friday, May 25, 2012

What We SAW while at the BEACH

Last Friday,  I shared with you some of the things that George and I DID while at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina, a couple of weeks ago.  If you missed that post,  click HERE.  Today,  I'll share just a few of the MANY things we SAW that week on the beach...

Above is a picture of a STARFISH.   Believe it or not,  this is the first year we have ever seen one.  We always enjoy searching for what we can find along the beach.  I have two HUGE containers of shells we have brought home from our various trips there.  Sharing some of those shells someday in a blog would be fun!!!!  Maybe I'll do that!

We saw lots and lots of shorebirds  (that will also be another blog post sometime).  But--I didn't know who this big guy is.....  There were two of them with a group of gulls --so maybe he is some kind of gull.  BUT--I really don't know.  Could he be an juvenile Gull?????  Anyone know what bird this is?????

Of course,  we saw beautiful waves...  On this day (Wednesday),  the rains were coming --so the ocean was rough and loud!!!!!!  Sometimes,  we'd leave our door open to our room so that we could enjoy hearing the ocean roar... That makes for some great sleeping!

As you have seen in many of our pictures,  we enjoyed walking in and around the fishing pier.   I don't fish --but my Daddy used to LOVE to fish,  and one of my sons and grandsons would love to be here fishing!!!!   I like this particular picture of the pier because of the reflections in the water/sand.... Neat, huh?

Want this little tiny beach house?????   Think that will be big enough for all of your family and friends??????   They are building that tiny house for ME I'm sure as a gift...  When it's completed,  I'll invite you all to come and visit...... (IN MY DREAMS)... ha ha.. (See that pelican up there???)

This is more like it!!!!  Forget the big house----I'll just take the tent!!!!   How 'bout you????

This  is one of George's pictures of the Sand Dunes...  Isn't it great?

Finally,  I'll leave you today with this beautiful CROSS  which we could see on our walks up and down the beach.. The cross was particularly beautiful on Wednesday when the clouds were coming in.

As I've said,  George and I do alot of walking on the beach  all week (so that we can eat that delicious seafood---without gaining the unwanted pounds that can creep up on us!!!)...   We do SEE lots of beautiful things on our walks.   Today  I just shared a sample of some of the things we saw.    Hope you enjoyed our walks!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you next WEDNESDAY.   We are taking Monday off to celebrate Memorial Day.   Hope you have a wonderful holiday ---and remember to thank God for all of those who have died.   OH---the memories we all have of those who have gone before us.  May God rest their souls.