Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to MAY!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful IRISES from our yard. Meet "Goodnight Kiss"

Monday, May 16, 2022

IRISES in our YARD --2022 (Part II)

Dear Blog Friends,  Last week I published some of our beautiful IRIS Collections.  See that post by clicking HERE.

Today I'll share Part II of our IRISES this year.  As I said last week,  this has been our BEST year yet when it comes to the Irises...They are almost gone now --and will be missed.  BUT I have lots of pictures to keep looking at and sharing.

Part II shows some of the single IRISES up close and personal... Sit back and enjoy seeing these beauties... Imagine a yard full of about 500 of these (all different colors).  It has been magnificent.

Eggnog Iris 4/25/22

My Friend Jonathan Iris 4/26/22

Second Fiddle Iris 4/28/22

Floor Show Iris 4/28/22

Garden Grace Iris  4/29/22

Feedback Iris 4/29/22

Concertina Iris 4/29/22

Paprika Fono's Iris 5/3/22

Buckwheat Iris 5/3/22

Victoria Falls Iris 5/4/22

Orange Harvest Iris 5/4/22

Cantina Iris 5/4/22

Picasa Moon Iris 5/6/22

Elizabeth Poldack Iris 5/9/22

Tennessee Vol Iris 5/11/22

Mother Earth Iris 5/11/22

Champagne Elegance Iris 5/12/22

WELL --that's enough, but some of my favorites...I mostly tried to pick different ones from last week's group,  but there were still many more beauties...  I will close with my all-time (for years) favorite IRIS...

Hope you have an awesome week ahead...



Bountiful Harvest Iris  4/28/22

Monday, May 9, 2022

Our Yard has been filled with many Bearded IRISES this Spring

Dear Blog Friends,  If have follow me on Facebook,  you know about all of the beautiful IRISES we have had in our yard this past month.  We've had IRISES for many years,  but this year has been that absolute best.  I guess it's because of our strange Spring this year (cool/cold and rainy)...Whatever ---I absolutely love them!!!  

I have two posts to share.  First are the 'groups' showing just a few of some of each kind we have had.  THEN--next week,  I'll share some of my favorite individual Irises.   Hope you love them as much as I do.

Waltz Across Texas Irises 4/29/22

One of our "Beds of Irises" (driveway side,  5/1/22)

Electric Shock Irises 5/3/22

Another angle of the Driveway Flowerbed 5/3/22

Slapstick Irises 5/3/22

Colorwatch Irises 5/3/22

Pinkness Irises 5/4/22

Iceland Irises 5/4/22

Goodnight Kiss Irises 5/4/22

Bountiful Harvest IRISES 5/4/22

Irises in the Small Bed near the house --with our Pink Azaleas in the background  5/6/22

Our large RoadBed Irises showing off  5/6/22

Aren't they just gorgeous?   I hope you enjoyed just a FEW of our IRISES today.   Tune back in next week for some individual beauties!!!!!

I had Carpal Tunnel Surgery on May 5 on my right hand.  After our car accident in August,  when I broke my right wrist,  I've had so much trouble with my fingers and thumb being numb on that hand.  The surgery went well --so I'll just have to wait and see if it will help!!!!

Have an awesome week, my Friends.