Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to APRIL!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful TULIPS from Biltmore!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 Best Of...: FLOWERS

Besides our gorgeous ROSES  (which I will feature in a later blog post),  we also enjoy our flowering trees and shrubs, along with many other annuals and perennials which we plant in our yard throughout the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons.  I went through my photos and picked out some of my fav's in 2010.   Above is definitely one of my favorite IRISES..  That may be because of its color and name.  This is the TENNESSEE VOL IRIS...   (See why I like it???? ha)

We have lots of beautiful LILIES in our yard.  I have lots of pictures of many different types of lilies--but I also love seeing the entire bed.  These are outside of the kitchen window --so you can imagine how much I enjoy washing dishes in the summer when the lilies are in bloom --and smell so wonderful!

Here is one special lily that we had, named an ORANGE TIGER LILY.  I love this little lily, and this particular picture.

Another favorite in early spring is the PINK DOGWOOD tree in our front yard.   Here is one of my favorite pictures of the blossoms.

Another favorite perennial is our TULIPS... We have many different colors of tulips in our beds --and they are all just gorgeous.  Above is one of my favorite photos of the tulips --with our ground cover, Periwinkle, in the background. This tulip is named ALL THAT JAZZ.

And what can be any prettier than a beautiful RHODODENDRON in bloom?   This beautiful blossom is on our big Rhododendron bush in the backyard.

Another beauty in our yard is our DAYLILIES.  Again,  we have several different varieties --three of which you can see in this photo.  This patch of daylilies is near our garage in the front yard.

This beautiful DAFFODIL is named PINK CHARM.   As we do with our Lilies, Tulips and Daylilies,  we also have a variety of beautiful DAFFODILS.  This one is so unique I think.

WELL--I could go on and on and on --when it comes to showing pictures of our flowers.  BUT--I'll stop and let you enjoy these.  I enjoyed going back through all of my pictures in 2010 of our flowers,  especially THIS time of year,  when our ground is brown and bare --or is WHITE from the snow.  The COLOR is nice to see ---and reminds me that Spring WILL come!!!!!