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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our 2010 Daylilies--Part III

This year we had 16 different varieties of Daylilies in our yard... Unfortunately, most of them are gone now (sniff sniff), but we certainly did enjoy them this year. There are two other parts to this post. If you want to see our other Daylilies, go to my sidebar. Scroll down to Labels and click on Daylilies 2010. Today I will share with you the remainder of this year's Daylilies. Above is a variety --which bloomed next to our garage door (and are still blooming). Below are more individual ones.





DAD ADAMS DAYLILY (These were our first Daylilies, and we have a huge batch of them. Unfortunately, a deer got some of them this year!!)

Even though we have had a very hot and dry summer, our Daylilies and Lilies, along with our Roses, have been beautiful. Hope you have enjoyed seeing our Daylilies.

For those interested, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. My knee is doing extremely well right now, so I opted not to have the injection until it is needed. However, I have a few other problems that I'm working on (my low energy level, numbness in one leg, and my lack of being able to sleep). Hopefully, by the time I go back for my next appointment (in SIX weeks), I will have these other problems worked out. At least, I hope so!!!! In the meantime, I'll stay at home and continue getting well. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

Blog Tip #4: This one is hard for me since I love to write and am VERY wordy!!!! Don't use too many words... Some people do a great job of this --and even spread their words out on the page, in a easy way to read. I will continue to work on this--but it's not easy for me. NOTE: Some of my favorite blogs are Storytelling Blogs... I love stories, and yes, they are wordy.. BUT--that's what they are meant to be!!!! My only thought would be to not make the stories too long.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.