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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wonder if it will cook my Dinner?????

See that little gadget???? It's my new MAGIC MOUSE.... This multi-touch cordless mouse is manufactured and sold by Apple, and was sold for the first time on October 20, 2009. The Magic Mouse is the first consumer mouse to have multi-touch capabilities.

Taking after the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad, the Magic Mouse allows the use of gestures such as swiping and scrolling across the top surface of the mouse to interact with my desktop computer.

Picture of the top and bottom of the Magic Mouse

Click anywhere, scroll in any direction, and swipe through images on its smooth, seamless top shell. The mouse requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 (or higher) and Bluetooth.

I have been using a mouse that scrolls (with the help of a little button on the mouse). This is even better because, with my finger, I can up and down or across on a page; or with two fingers, I can go backwards or forwards to the previous pages I have used... It's amazing --and certainly makes working on the computer MUCH easier.... I LOVE it.... Now--if I can just teach it to cook dinner and clean my house.. Ya think???? ha

Blogger Tip #5: When you show several photos and there is an explanation between the pictures, put some space between --so that we will know whether your explanation goes with the picture above or below... I put my explanations BELOW my pictures --so that people can look at the picture while they read the explanation. But--I'm a 'lefty' --so you may do yours the other way... With some space there, I (we) will know which picture you are talking about.... Thanks!!!

Have a nice Thursday... After a couple of cooler days --when we were 'supposed' to get TONS of rain (we only got 1/2 inch total during that time --even though there was a flood watch out), it has gotten miserably hot and humid again... Seems like this summer is going to continue to be this way ALL Summer.... (Gripe Gripe!!!! ha)