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Monday, November 14, 2011

Our Favorite Winter Flower

Those of you who have been visiting my blog regularly for several years  know what our favorite winter flower is here in Fairfield Glade, TN....  It's our little PANSIES.   We can plant them in late Fall---and unless we have a horribly cold winter (which we usually do not),  they will last until it gets really hot here (usually July).  They start small (as in today's pictures) ---but will grow and spread ---especially in the spring...  They do provide a little color in our yard through the long winter season.

I went outside with my camera on 11/11/11 ---and took some pictures of some of our Pansies to share with you today..   The picture above shows one of THREE round flowerbeds in our front yard where our Pansies are planted.   We cannot use the entire bed because spring bulbs (Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Lilies) are all planted there.   SO---the Pansies get the outside rim and the inside rim....  Be sure to enlarge the photos to 16x10 for larger pictures.

 This  little Pansy is just so pretty.  I love the colors.

I love  this little yellow one...  I said this last year ---but can't you see the ANGELS in the Pansies?????  I am an angel collector ---so maybe, that's another reason I love Pansies.

Even though this little guy has a 'hole' in him,  you can still see the angel.... I also love the color of this one.

This little pink Pansy is diferent ---but you can still see the angel!!!!

Here is another pretty one --which is different from some of the rest of them.

Finally,  here's one of my favorite colored Pansies....  That rich 'wine-ish' color is just so pretty ---and really shows up in the flowerbed.

IF you live in Tennessee and are looking for some great winter plants,  be sure and plant some precious little Pansies!!!!!  They bring joy to us!!!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend...  I am feeling better and better.   We even went out for another little ride on Saturday ---which felt GREAT....