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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birdies are Entertaining ME!!!!

I've taken quite a few pictures of our backyard birds recently... There's alot happening right now ---so it keeps a girl busy!!! Forget the housecleaning... I have birds to WATCH!!!! ha

I've mentioned that we have four little bluebird eggs in the Bluebird nestbox. I will check the box about July 7 --and hopefully there will be four tiny birdies in there!!! Mama is incubating the eggs now. (This is their 2nd brood---and besides Mom and Dad, the last group of fledglings are also helping. And to think----I saw these juvies when they are first born!!!)

AND---as if that is not enough, we have the Brown Thrasher babies (3 I think) in the front yard in our Jasmine bush. I put some suet out front for them yesterday since they love our Suet feeder. (Hopefully the chipmunks don't get to it first.) The babies are still in the nest---so I'll keep watching for them to fledge!!!!

We have many other birdies---so I will share a bunch of cute pictures today!!!! Above is a Bluebird at one of my feeders. This is the first year the Bluebirds have come to the feeders so I am excited. They enjoy fruit including raisins. I haven't purchased mealworms yet--but I might sometime!!!! Below are more pictures.

Our Bluejays are plentiful this year, but so far, they don't seem to 'bother' the other birds --like Bluejays sometimes do. What I wish would happen is that the jays would start chasing away the squirrels like they did last year!!!!! ha

Here's a gorgeous Goldfinch at our hanging Niger feeder.. We have LOTS and LOTS of Goldfinches and House Finches this Summer, but nothing like the numbers of Pine Siskins we had in the winter.

Our Cardinals frequent the feeders also... They are the first in the mornings and the last at nights. I love seeing this beautiful female. Last year, Daddy Cardinal brought his babies to the feeder. So far this year, I haven't seen any baby Cardinals at the feeders--but maybe I will sometime this summer.

The Downy Woodpeckers love the suet feeder (in addition to our Brown Thrashers, the Red-bellied and Red-headed Woodpeckers). By the way, I saw my first (of the summer) Red-headed Woodpecker yesterday morning --at the feeder next to the computer window. I tried to get a photo---so IF it comes out, I'll feature this beautiful Woodpecker later.

Our two Mourning Doves love to clean up the deck floor ---after the other birds finish making their messes.

Here's a beautiful male House Finch. I know these finches are 'common'--but I still love seeing the colorful males.

Mama Bluebird is protecting her nest... Look at that serious look on her face!!!!

Another picture of Mama Cardinal.. I love hearing the Cardinals CHIP when they are at the feeders.

One more shot of the Downy --enjoying his dinner!!!!

Finally, here's one more photo of one of our beautiful male Goldfinches. Hope you have enjoyed seeing more of our backyard birds. All of these pictures were taken recently. You can see how busy I have been keeping up with all of 'my' birds!!!


P.S. I saw my first hummingbird yesterday .. Hopefully this is the beginning of us having MANY of them here!!!! Yeah!