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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Millstone Creek Falls, Erwin, TN

On our recent trip to Erwin, TN, the first hike we took on Black Friday was to see Millstone Creek Falls. This waterfall was on Millstone Creek and dropped 25-35 feet in a narrow fan. We hiked a short distance to the waterfall on a fairly cold morning . Once we got to the waterfall, we were not disappointed. There were actually two different waterfalls here: Millstone Creek Falls and Lower Millstone Creek Falls.

We got to the main falls first --near the top. This is one of those waterfalls which I love since it is in a little rock-cove area---and I enjoyed sitting on a big rock near the waterfall and just meditating for awhile. George hiked on down to the lower falls in order to get more pictures. This was a great waterfall to see as we started our day!!!! Pictured above is Millstone Creek Falls. Below are more pictures.

I love this picture of the top of Millstone Creek Falls ---showing the rock cropping and the moss around the area.

"George? Look up there... Isn't that a gorgeous waterfall?"

This is probably my favorite picture of the top part of Millstone Creek Falls.

This is Lower Millstone Creek Falls. George hiked down beside the creek to get more pictures.

George hiked down to get a picture of the ENTIRE waterfall. See the top of the waterfall ---WAY up there???? I was sitting there --just enjoying myself.

Hope you enjoyed our little hike to see Millstone Creek Falls.

Have a great Saturday... As I write this blog on Friday night, the forecasters say that SNOW is coming!!!! I hope they are right---but I won't get my hopes up until I see it for myself!!!!! My son in Texas 'thought' they were going to get snow today--but it missed his area and went all around them. I know his family was so disappointed--like I am so often when the snow goes all around us!!! (George thinks we need to move to Alaska!!! ha)