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Monday, June 21, 2010

Waterfalls along the Tellico River

After being stuck in the house for about a month (or more), George wanted to get me out for a short ride this past Friday. We drove over to one of our favorite places, the Tellico River area. There were some new waterfalls which George wanted to check out --in addition to some old favorites which we have seen many times. One reason we went there was because my blog friend,
MISHA, and her husband had been there recently, and we noticed ALOT of water coming over the waterfall, which is unusual in the summer.

I made it okay---but stayed in the car about 99% of the time. I realized though that I'm not ready to take any LONG trips yet... My knee is gradually getting better --but it's just going to take some time... And--my energy level is zilch!!!! Above is the most popular waterfall in that area, BALD RIVER FALLS... Below are some more pictures from that trip.

This is BABY FALLS --which is farther up Tellico River Road #210. We sat on a big rock and watched the Kayakers go OVER this waterfall... (I'll show pictures of that another time.)

This is the TELLICO RIVER CASCADES #1---which is found above Baby Falls. Tellico River Road goes WAY back into the mountains along the river/creeks. It is a beautiful area--and even a little cooler back in the mountains on a hot, summer day.

This is TELLICO RIVER CASCADES #2 --also found above Baby Falls, along the Tellico River Road #210.

I just wanted to prove to you that I 'really' did go on this short trip... Although I wasn't able to do much, I did enjoy being back in the mountains. After leaving Baby Falls, we drove 5.1 miles deep into the woods along Tellico River Road. Then we turned left on Forest Road #216 for a mile, and then turned right on Forest Road #217 (North River Road) for 2.2 more miles. Thanks to one of our waterfall books and our GPS, these directions were correct --and we found a NEW waterfall for us... It's pictured below.

This beautiful little secluded waterfall is named NORTH RIVER FALLS. Isn't it pretty?

George hiked above Bald River Falls and found four more NEW waterfalls that day. I'll share those pictures with you on another day. Although I was glad I went on this little trip, I was also VERY glad to get back home. There's no place like home when one isn't feeling well!!!!!

Hope you had a great weekend and Father's Day.