Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE. My blog picture shows a gorgeous picture of my favorite AZALEA, named the FLAME AZALEA. I took this picture this past month when we were at Biltmore on 5/17/23.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Our Anniversary

Tomorrow is our 8th wedding Anniversary. It has truly been the BEST eight years of my entire life. As you know, I've had a great life ---but I did not know what real LOVE was until I met George.

In order to celebrate this special day, George is taking me to North Georgia (Dillard area) to do some 'waterfalling'. On Tuesday night, we'll enjoy dinner at the Dillard House. We'll be gone until Wednesday night. I'm sure that both of us will have plenty of new pictures to post when we return. In the meantime, I will close by showing you some of our pictures together during these eight years of PURE joy!!!!!

I couldn't help myself. I just HAD to show this one!!!! Isn't he a mess??? I try my best to train him---I really do!!!!! ha ha ha

Why don't you go out to dinner on Tuesday and help us celebrate our Anniversary????? We'll be back online ---with lots to tell you, on Thursday.

Have a wonderful week.
Hugs to All,