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Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost Heaven ---West Virginia--Part I

George and I had a fabulous and SHORT (Thurs-Sat) trip to West Virginia to find some NEW waterfalls.... We found NINE. I think we have seen about 425 different waterfalls now --since 2001. This was our first trip to West Virginia---and definitely will not be our last.

We only went into the southern part of the mountains of West Virginia --staying at a town called Princeton (north of Bluefield). The first day (after driving there), we saw two waterfalls in the Camp Creek State Park area. The second day, we saw four waterfalls in and near the Pipestem Resort State Park. AND--on that second day, we visited the New River Gorge National River area --seeing a couple of fabulous waterfalls there. Then, on our drive home Saturday, we saw one more waterfall near Bland, Virginia.

Today and tomorrow, I will share pictures of all nine waterfalls. It's so much fun searching out waterfalls because they are all different, one from another. I will go into more details about the areas and the waterfalls in future blog posts. BUT--today I share with you FIVE of the nine. Above is MASH FORK FALLS (located in the Camp Creek State Park). Below are more.

CAMPBELL FALLS (in the Camp Creek State Park)

INDIAN BRANCH FALLS (located in the Pipestem Resort State Park)

BRUSH CREEK FALLS (in the Pipestem Resort State Park)

UPPER PIPESTEM FALLS (found near the community of Pipestem)

Besides seeing all of the beautiful waterfalls, I also got to enjoy working on my Bruce Family History on this trip. Since we went through Bland, VA on our way home, I got to see some of the old stomping grounds of some of my relatives from the 1800's. You can only imagine how joyful that experience was for me.

Because I have working on Family History, I have not commented on anyone's blog since Wednesday.... I don't know when I'll catch up (since our beach trip begins this coming Saturday--for a week)---but I'll try my best!!! IF you have a specific post that you don't want me to miss, please let me know so that I won't accidentally miss it. Thanks!!!!

Tomorrow I'll post more of the Waterfalls of West Virginia... I truly did feel like I was almost in Heaven!!!!