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Friday, April 5, 2013

Two New Backyard Birds in my Yard

Purple Finches
I got so excited last week.  On Wednesday (3/26/13) during the morning,  I spotted THREE colorful birds on my plate feeder.... SO--I immediately got my camera and took some pictures....At first I thought they were House Finches ---but they just didn't look quite the same.  They had more of a raspberry color about them AND there was more color on them than on our House Finches.... Guess what?????  I had  PURPLE FINCHES at my feeder for the first time.  (Don't ask me why they are called "Purple" Finches --since they are definitely not purple in color.....??????)  I had seen Purple Finches when in Arkansas --but had never seen them here before.  As you can imagine,  I was very excited.

The picture above shows all three of the PURPLE FINCHES.   Be sure to click on the photos to see enlargements.

Purple Finch
I  cropped one of the photos of the PURPLE FINCHES to get a better photo of one of them.  What a gorgeous little bird!!!!

Red Crossbill
THEN---that afternoon (same day),  I saw another colored bird at the feeder.  I really didn't have any idea what this bird was ---so I took some pictures and sent one to my birder friend, CHRIS,  to find out the name of this bird....

He wrote me back and told me that I had a RED CROSSBILL at my feeder.... Wow---was I even more excited???  Another LIFE bird for me!!!!!!  I apologize for the photo since there was a shadow on part of the bird/feeder.  I lightened it some ---but the bird was much prettier than the picture shows.

What I do want you to see is the way the bill does 'cross' each other.... (Click to enlarge.) SO---Crossbill is a perfect name for this bird.  I did not have this bird pictured in any of my 'local' bird books --except for the Birds of the Smokies.  They do have Crossbills there ---so I guess he just came my direction just to visit!!!!  How nice!!!  That little guy just made this old woman VERY happy!!!!!

male Eastern Bluebird
But--there are other special birds in my life.  One is this little male EASTERN BLUEBIRD.  To tell you how much I love Bluebirds,  I ordered some MEALWORMS and a new bird feeder JUST for them.  How do you like the new feeder?  I put mealworms in the bottom and suet on the side containers...  Neat, huh???  Love the fact that it has a dome --so I can leave it out when it rains.

female Eastern Bluebird
Here is a female EASTERN BLUEBIRD at the Mealworm Feeder.  These little birds are nesting ---so I wanted to provide a special treat just for them!  Mealworms are expensive--so I may not  be able to afford getting them year-round ---but right now,  I'm enjoying being able to give them this treat which they love.

male Red-bellied Woodpecker
Here's a good picture of one of our resident RED-BELLIED WOODPECKERS.  He is being nice and waiting his turn at the Suet Feeder.

Flying Finches at the Plate Feeder
I seldom get photos of birds in flight....  BUT--when I saw all of these finches on the plate feeder,  I jumped for my camera and snapped this one JUST as some of them flew away..

Our adorable male GOLDFINCHES are getting their 'mating' colors now!!!!  They are very drab during the winter ---and then turn bright yellow (and black) in Spring/Summer....

Deer in the Snow in our Front Yard
I'll close with two more of our recent snow pictures.  We had snow for about three days (March 22-25, 2013) --but never did get alot of accumulation. (maybe an inch or two at most).   However,  we caught four DEER trying to nibble on our English Ivy in the front yard.  Of course,  that is a NO-NO... I grabbed my camera and ran outside to get some pictures before running them off!!!!!  But---I felt sorry for them ---out there on that cold day in the snow!!!!!  As you can tell, it was snowing hard when I took this shot.

Deer in the snow
Here is one more picture of two of them --as they ran into the empty lot across the street.  Aren't they beautiful creatures???

Hope you have a wonderful day.   I feel the need (call it burn-out) to take a blog break.   I love blogging --and have been doing it since 2006.  BUT--for the past year or so,  I have been struggling  to keep it up--including all of the commenting on your blogs..  Both George and I have said that it has become work instead of pleasure, which is not good...  I know that many of you take breaks --so I'm going to try it.   Not sure when I'll be back ---but hopefully April 15 or so.  I want to work on Family History and work in the yard IF Spring ever gets here, along with other things.

I will still be emailing  and will be on Facebook some (which is simple)---so feel free to write, especially if something happens which I would want to know about... Many of you know that I'm an email person ---so don't hesitate writing me.   So many of you are very very special blog friends --and I don't want to lose touch...   Not sure what my future holds when it comes to blogging...  But--I'm thinking about making some changes (like I have done off and on in the past).  In the meantime,  thanks for loving and caring about me.   Love you ALL.