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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Early Spring in our Yard

When we got back from Arkansas, we showed you some photos of the beginnings of spring in our yard. At that time, we had a few Daffodils and several Crocuses in bloom. Today, I will share with you a few more of our early Spring blooms. Above is one of my favorite Daffodils (Jonquils) --and its name is Fortissimo. Below are more 'beauties' in our yard.

These little Daffodils (the tiny variety with several names other than Daffodils) were given to us by Dad Adams when we first moved here in 2003.

This is the same group of little Daffodils--from another direction. Note also the little yellow Pansy left from last Fall.

This is a close-up of those sweet little Daffodils. They are just so pretty --especially in large groups of blooms.

Here's a little row of beautiful Hyacinths blooming in our side flowerbed.

This is a close-up of one of our Hyacinths. I love this color.

Isn't this little Pansy pretty???? In the Fall (for the past 3 yrs.), we have planted Pansies. This was the first year (due to the colder temperatures) that we lost quite a few of our Pansies during winter. Before this year, they lasted from late Fall through early Summer. BUT---a few of the hardy ones (like the one pictured above) have come back and are blooming again. Hopefully, more of our Pansies will come back!

Both George and I love Sempervivum (Semps).. We have them in various places, all over the yard --and they are so pretty. I had no idea there were so many varieties and colors of these little "Chicks and Hens".

This is our favorite ground cover. I don't know its 'official' name, but to us it's Periwinkle. Periwinkle is healthy and spreads nicely. I love all of the little blue flowers in the spring.

Our yard is fairly shady and there are LOTS of trees. Mowing can be a problem---so having the Periwinkle around in many areas in the yard (such as the one pictured above) not only is pretty --but also helps with the mowing situation. I have planted Hosta (which is still sleeping) around the mulched areas under the trees.

Both George and I love working in our yard --and we enjoy showing off our flowers. Over the next several months, I hope you will enjoy seeing our yard--as much as we enjoy showing it to you.

P.S. George and I are taking off today to do some 'waterfalling' and hiking in the Smokies. We're even going to stay at a cabin near a waterfall. (Can you imagine how happy that makes me!!!??) However, the weather doesn't look very promising due to rains in the area --so we may come home as 'drenched rats'.. HA! We'll be away from the computers until Sunday. Don't forget us---as we'll be home soon, with LOTS of new photos I'm sure!!!