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Monday, September 4, 2017

A PERFECT Solar Eclipse --August 21, 2017

Both George and Jeff put together their total views of the Eclipse... This is George's picture....  Isn't it fantastic?  (Jeff's composite is at the bottom of the post.)  
As many of you know,   here near Crossville,  Tennessee,   we had a nearly perfect view of the Solor Eclipse this past month (8/21/17)......    So--my son and beautiful daughter-in-law came to see us that day..... Had a great day with them --and we all thoroughly enjoyed seeing the ECLIPSE....

Both Jeff and George are fantastic photographers  --and Dawn and I were lucky to have them with us that day.....They took some fabulous pictures for me to share today!!!    Hope you enjoy some of our pictures....

Son Jeff --who brought all of his fancy equipment --including his telescope...  We got to see the eclipse 'up close and personal' looking through his telescope....  AWESOME!

Another picture showing some of Jeff's special equipment!  Wow!

George (using his tripod, glasses and special lens) set up shop on the back deck......   He had been practicing ahead of time; therefore his pictures came out TREMENDOUS also.

Jeff and Dawn and I worked from the front yard.   Jeff was smart enough to bring us a tarp for shade (on that hot afternoon).   He just backed their car into the driveway and we had a perfect place to view this very very special event.   Dawn and I took pictures with our iPhones --and I got some with my Canon while wandering around.

I love this picture of Jeff getting some pictures with his camera....

Of course,  the four of us just HAD to have special shirts for the occasion.  Here is what the back of our shirts said.   Dawn (who is from Georgia) chose Georgia for her shirt instead of Tennessee. 

AND ---here are the four of us with our special shirts on!  We are all SO happy to be here.

Here is a picture I took with my Canon.   I called this our Crescent SUN.... ha

Also from my Canon,  there's just a sliver of light left before total blackout!!!!

TOTAL DARKNESS for 2 minutes and 32 seconds!!!!   I took this picture with my cellphone (using the flash)....   It got so dark that the solar lights in our yard lit up!!!!!!

Another picture (using cellphone and flash) showing our total darkness about 1:30 in the afternoon!!!  AMAZING...

And one more I took (with cellphone) --without flash!  Everything got so QUIET and STILL during that time.  I'm sure the wild animals didn't know what to think... I know that the birds must have taken a short nap because none were singing or flying around at that time!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures that George took...  The darkness was ending and the light was coming back.  This is known as the DIAMOND RING.....  Isn't it terrific?   Unbelievable!!!

Finally,  this is Jeff's great collection of the eclipse --from beginning to end.... For your information,  the eclipse started about 12 noon (our time --CENTRAL) and totally ended about 3:00... Darkness happened at about 1:30.  
I am so proud of both George and Jeff and of the awesome pictures they both got on that fantastic day.   I am still excited while thinking about it...  For me,  it was and will be a lifetime experience.  It's so nice to be at the right place--at the right time,   here at our home!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this half as much as I did as I shared it with you....  It was such a joy (after the sadness of the week before) to be home with such talented people.   Thanks Jeff and Dawn for coming here!!!!  I LOVED every minute of it.

Have a great month...  On another note,  I am taking a few weeks off from blogging and commenting---but will be back soon....