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Friday, April 15, 2011

Let's Talk Friday: Some Blogging Questions

You probably knew that I'd get to the subject of Blogging one of these Fridays!!!!! ha ha...   After all,  it is something we all know and love!!!!  Right?????    AND--I must say that there are no right and wrong answers... Most of blogging is all about personal choice... That is what makes blogging so interesting...  Think about the blogs you follow.... I follow about 100 blogs  (and I am always updating my lists--adding people and taking people off, to keep my list current).  

The blogs I follow  present a great variety to me (which I love):  photo-only blogs;  personal story blogs;  family-oriented blogs;  blogs about gardening--which include both veggies and flowers;  travel blogs;  blogs about pets;  birding blogs;  cooking and food  blogs;  health and well-being type blogs;  question-based blogs; etc. etc. etc.  

What is the most important thing about blogging to you?  To me,  I love getting comments and building relationships (through email)... That way,  I can really get to know another blogger.  The number of followers doesn't mean as much to me --- since many of those people never make a comment, so I don't get to know them.

This brings me to the most important question: In your opinion,  what is the best way to thank people who come to your blog, or ask you a question?????  I struggle with this one --and notice that bloggers do it several different ways (depending upon the number of comments you get, or the amount of time you have to devote to blogging). 

Here are some of the ways I have seen this done:
1. Some bloggers respond to comments on their own blog --as another comment.
2. Some bloggers send an email to everyone who comments on their blog, even if it is just a thank you.
3. Some bloggers don't reply to comments unless a question is asked.  Then,  they may either email or leave a comment on the blog.
4. Some bloggers thank others who visit their blog,  by visiting that person's blog. 

I used to do #1 above ---but realized that most people (me included) never have time to return to that blog.  SO---I decided not to do it anymore. 

I have never done #2--and really don't think it is needed.  I have some wonderful blog friends who always send me a 'thank you' via email when I comment on their blog.  That is nice and I do appreciate them taking the time for this.  I will say that I would probably do alot more of this IF I had the time.   BUT--keeping up with so many blogs is about all that I can handle (and I cannot always do this well either).  

I am one of the #3 group.   I do appreciate all of the comments, and hope that people know that.  IF they ask a specific question,  I will email them with the answer...  If I don't have their emails,  I WILL leave an answer on my blog for them (wondering if they will come back to get the answer)...  OR--I sometimes leave an answer on THEIR blog.  I feel like the most important thing for me to do is #4.

Most of us (I think) participate in #4.  I always visit another blogger who visits me.  If we enjoy each other's blogs and start communicating regularly,  that is when I make a decision to follow that person's blog (after several visits).  

NOW--it's your turn to talk!!!!!  Which of those four ways listed do you do to  communicate with others?  OR---do you know of another good way to communicate?  OR---is communication important to you??? I would love hearing your opinions --and hopefully,  they will help me and others do a better job of saying Thank You.

We had a great time at Biltmore yesterday and didn't get home until 8 p.m.   We saw lots of Dogwoods,  Azaleas,  Tulips and even some Daffodils still blooming.  What a fabulous place.  I'll share pictures next week.  Have a great weekend.  I'll see you on Monday.

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