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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where the Wealthy Go on Vacation

I'm sure that there are many places in this world where the wealthy go to get away from their busy lives. One place they may go is to the MOUNTAIN AIR RESORT near Burnsville, NC (in the Blue Ridge Mountains northeast of Asheville). Mountain Air is a gated community which has luxurious homes, condos, cabins, etc.

George and I definitely are NOT wealthy (except in our hearts)---but we were invited to visit George's son and family at Mountain Air the weekend of July 10. They were vacationing in a gorgeous condo (which belongs to Melissa's parents) at Mountain Air. We had a marvlous time ---and they took us on a 'tour' of the area. That weekend, I felt as if I really was one of the 'privileged'.... (Of course it helped that the young people 'spoiled' us while we were there.)

Today I'm going to show you some of the pictures that we took while in the Mountain Air Resort area. In another blog post, I will show you some of the gorgeous views from these mountains--but today, let me introduce to 'how the other half live'.... Above is a picture of one of the golf courses which were built all over that mountain. Below are more pictures. Be sure and click on the pictures to make them larger--for better viewing.

On the top of the mountain, there is a beautiful 'mall' area ---filled with shops, a restaurant, a golf pro shop, a swimming pool and even a putting green --in the middle of all of the shops/stores.

Wouldn't you love to go swimming in THIS pool???? Look at the view!!!! Wow!

Do you see the tee on this hole????? Look at the top--near the left---way up there!!!! Mercy!

This is the 'kicker'!!!! This resort has its own private airstrip. People can fly their private planes into the resort and spend the weekend at their mountain homes. The resort management will pick people up when the airplane comes in ---and take them to their homes. The resort will also have their home 'ready' for them!!!!!! Talk about the LIFE!!!!

Which one of those private airplanes do you want????? I'll take ANY of them. ha

We rode around the resort (which is HUGE) and were impressed at some of the landscaping and beauty around us. I loved this little covered bridge.

The area we are entering here is called Timber Sky. I like the way they used 'timber' for decoration--across the road.

In the same area, look how they used 'timber' as the bridge railings. Neat, huh?

Here is one of the many multi-million dollar homes we saw --sitting on the edge of the mountains. You have to see these homes in order to realize the beauty. We walked in one unfinished one... HUGE!!!!! And to think---most of the people who own homes such as this probably own 4-5 homes like this. Unbelievable!!!!! One of the homes we saw (it may have been this one) belonged to the Chef Boyardee family. Another one we saw belonged to the Oreck Family--you know, the vacuum cleaner family!!!!

Here's another home ---as seen from the road below. The pictures just don't do them justice. These were homes that were built with native stone and wood ---which helped them fit into the environment in the area. They were simply GORGEOUS!!

I'll close showing you one of the great views we had ---from all of the areas around Mountain Air. Wouldn't you just love to have a cabin on top of this mountain with THIS view?????? Wow!