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Monday, September 14, 2020

Open Your Eyes and Look UP! There is SO much to See up There!!!!

Open Your Eyes and Look UP! There is SO much to See up There!!!!

Dear Friends,   You may remember a similar post to this one (showing the Battle between Sun, Rain and Clouds)...  I wrote that post on June 29, 2020 after our Anniversary Trip to Pisgah Inn off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. If you missed seeing that post,  click HERE.

Today,  I have a similar post --but on a different day and from a different place.  I've talked about our abundance of rain and clouds this year... WELL--not only did that rain follow us around when we were at Pisgah Inn,  but it also followed us when we were on a short trip to Biltmore on JULY 23, 2020.  

 On this date,  we were on our way home choosing to drive on the back roads --including a little ride across the Smoky Mountains Foothills Parkway between Wears Valley and Townsend, Tennessee....  There was rain all around us --so we stopped a gazillion times to get these sky pictures....   All of today's pictures were taken on that July 23rd date--and I've listed them in NO particular order --but showing you what we saw from different angles and different overlooks...   Hope you enjoy more SKY pictures today!!!!

 Well----enough for today!!!!  Someone asked if we got wet.... I'll say  "Yes and No"....  We did have some close calls --but got back to the car before the downpours (MOST of the time).... ha ha

As much as I love sunrises and sunsets,  this year particularly,  I have really enjoyed taking pictures like what you are seeing now... Our SKIES do give us a lot of beauty --if and when we take time to stop and LOOK UP.... I took ALL of these pictures with my iPhone 11Pro...

Have an awesome week,  and PRAY PRAY PRAY for our country --and all of the horrible things which are happening now in the name of JUSTICE... This is NOT justice at all;  it's ANGER and HATEFULNESS, and just leads to more and more resentment, and no answers....   George and I choose to fly our FLAG proudly...  God Bless each of YOU,  and God Bless the United State of America,  which we love with all of our heart and soul!