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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fabulous Valentine's Trip

George and I had a wonderful Valentine's trip to join our good friends,  Judy and Charlie, in their beautiful mountain home in North Carolina.  We went out to dinner a couple of times.  We TALKED and TALKED and just relaxed.  It was a wonderful trip and a great way to  celebrate Valentine's Day --with such good friends.   Above is a picture of me and Judy.  Judy is standing up on some steps --since she is really MUCH shorter than I am!!!!!

We visited Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina AGAIN (since we have season's tickets now)..  Since it is still winter,  there were no outside flowers blooming yet.. We have to wait until April to go back for that.  BUT--we did visit the Conservatory again --and there were many beautiful green plants and several beautiful flowers in bloom as you can see from the above picture.  As you can imagine,  we took a gazillion pictures ---so you will be seeing them on our upcoming blogs I'm sure.  (My new header was taken at Biltmore on Valentine's Day.)

Here's a view of the beautiful North Carolina mountains above Fontana Lake (which was very low on this side of the dam).  The mountains are very pretty--even in winter, aren't they????

And of course a trip wouldn't be a real vacation for us IF we didn't stop and see some waterfalls.  Isn't this a pretty little waterfall??  I loved seeing all of the Rhododendrons along that little creek.

George and I had a wonderful time with our friends...  I'm sure the four of us solved ALL of the problems in the world this week---with all of the talking we did!!!  ha ha

These are two wonderful people, Charlie and Judy.   We are blessed to have two such wonderful friends...  Thanks for the great time, you two!!

Finally,   no mountain vacation would be complete without a gorgeous sunset.... The weather was fabulous all week----and we enjoyed beautiful blue skies plus sunsets (like the one above) --over the mountains..     Life was beautiful in the North Carolina mountains, and we certainly enjoyed the view from Judy and Charlie's home!!!!

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day and week.