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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freeze of '09-- Part II

Well---hopefully, the cold spell is over!!! We did have some low temps early Wed. morning, in the upper 20's. BUT---there wasn't any frost, and the temperatures rose quickly. In fact, our temperatures went up to almost 60 degrees yesterday. Yeah Rah!!!!!

We uncovered everything yesterday and put all of the pots/hanging baskets back outside. I think everything --including us--enjoyed seeing the bright sunshine. Now--maybe (just maybe) we can get back to enjoying SPRING... Ya think?

Here are the final pictures from this year's 'Spring Freeze'.... Right now I feel blessed that we didn't have any damage-- at least, none that we've found so far! The picture above is snow on one of our Azaleas. Thank goodness that it hasn't budded yet. Below are more photos! Be sure to click on the photos to see the pictures larger.

This is the smaller Rose bed (on the left side of the driveway, facing the street). There are 10 roses in this bed. The picture was taken on Monday ---before we covered the roses.

Later on Monday, all of the roses in this bed are covered!!!!!

We woke up early Tuesday morning to see about half an inch of snow on the ground. It was a wet, heavy snow---and melted by mid-afternoon.

The rest of the pictures are 'before and after the snow'. Here are our beautiful Red Dynasty tulips. You can see (barely) that it was already snowing on Monday afternoon when these photos were taken.

The Red Dynasty Tulips --after the snow; Luckily, these tulips perked back up after the snow melted!!!

Orange Emperor Tulips

The Orange Dynasty Tulips--after the snow; (These also perked back up after the snow melted.)

Mardi Gras Tulip

I was afraid that Mardi Gras wouldn't straighten back up---but it did. By yesterday afternoon, it looked GREAT!!!!

Another picture of our "Dad Adams" Daffodils... They have been SO pretty this year. I guess that is why I have featured them several times in blogs recently.

The same group of Daffodils after the snow; Again, we were lucky since the snow melted quickly --and these Daffodils were not damaged. They (along with everything else) has perked back up and is as happy as we are to see the warmer temps and the sunshine... Happy Spring to all of you!!!