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Monday, August 22, 2016

FLOWERS from BILTMORE, August 4, 2016 (Need Help with Identification)

1.  My Facebook Friends (Thanks to YOU) identified this one as Chenille --with several names,  the most common being "Love Lies Bleeding";  The 'official' name is Amaranthus.
Since George and I have season's passes to the Biltmore House and Gardens in Asheville,  North Carolina,  we like to visit there 3-4 times a year during different seasons to check out all of the gardens to see what is blooming.  August is a great time to visit (except for the hot temperatures) since we love seeing not only the Walled Garden (which is always gorgeous) but especially the Water Lilies and lily pads at the Italian Gardens.

I will have an upcoming blog showing the Lilies and Lily Pads--but TODAY,  I'm showing you some of the 'different' flowers we saw blooming this month.   The flower above is one I love --but had no idea its name until some  friends on Facebook told me.

SO---since many of you KNOW the names of flowers,  hopefully you can help me with their names...  I'll number the pictures --so that you can name them by the number for easy reference.   BUT--even if you (like me) don't know all of the names,  I hope you will just enjoy seeing the beauty.

2.   This little fuzzy yellow one was from a plant growing in the water.  Another picture of this one is below. Name? 

Pretty little yellow flowers in the water in the Italian Gardens.  (See close-up above);  Name?

3.  Such a pretty border along the path in the Walled Garden;   IMPATIENS  (I think);  I used to plant Impatiens in Summer --but rabbits kept eating it... Impatiens and Vinca are both such pretty annuals.

4.  Such a pretty bush;  Love the leafy colors;  Name?

5.  Another pretty purple flower --also growing in water in the Italian Gardens;  Name?

6. Such a pretty and happy RED flower;  Name?????

7. This is not a very good picture of this purple flowered plant...  BUT--the purple (from a distance)  added to the garden.  Name?

8. I couldn't get a close-up of this tiny white flower --growing in water at the Italian Gardens.  BUT--it was so tiny --yet so full of beauty.   Name?

9.  I love this one....   And the foliage was also beautiful.  Name?

10.   Wonder if you have any idea what this cute little one is?????????   Looks like a flying bird of some kind!!!!! ha ha .... TRULY,  it's a kind of ORCHID.... Amazing, huh?

11. I know this one since I used to have the multi-colored COLEUS on the right.  BUT--have you ever seen the scarlet red COLEUS?????   It's so pretty in one's garden or yard...

12.  Another beauty I have no idea what its name is....  Do you know?

13. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this one... Isn't it gorgeous?  Bet this one will make you smile for sure!!!!!   NAME?
Well  my Friends... Hopefully,  some of you who know flowers can help name some of these.  I love flowers --but know so little about SO many of them...

Even if you don't know the names,  I hope some of these made you smile today.  As you can imagine,  I will have many more pictures from our 8/4/16 trip to Biltmore to share...

Have a wonderful day/week.