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Thursday, November 2, 2017


George Springer,  MVP of the World Series  
CONGRATULATIONS to my favorite BASEBALL team,  the HOUSTON ASTROS,  for winning the 2017  WORLD SERIES of BASEBALL.    Because of my love for this team and for baseball,  I just 'had' to share my story today!!!!!!  Here it is:

MY LOVE OF BASEBALL goes back to when I was a child. My Dad LOVED baseball and when a 'farm' league team came to our town one year, Daddy sold tickets and I went with him to almost every game. 

Daddy also love the Yankees. Back then, he would have to go into the local 'pool hall' in Big Stone Gap and check the ticker tape machine in order to get the scores. One time Daddy took me into that 'pool hall' (local bar) to get the score---and MAN--did Daddy ever get in trouble with Mama. She said: "Don't EVER take our daughter into that place again!" ha ha ha... And Daddy, being the perfect husband, never did that again. (TRUE STORY)

Daddy and I had a little game going between us. Since he loved the Yankees, I was a Brooklyn Dodger fan... We had so much fun teasing each other about these teams. Oh--how I loved my sweet Daddy. 

When I moved to Texas in 1988, I became a Houston Astros fan... I even went to some of the games through the years in my 12 years there. My favorite players back then were Biggio and Bagwell.... Recently, I have seen the team get better and better. This year was their year!!! I have never seen a group of guys love each other so much and play for each other... CONGRATS to 'my' team for bringing so much love and joy to me and to the city of Houston. "MY" HOUSTON ASTROS beat the Dodgers last night and won the 2017 WORLD SERIES of BASEBALL.... Wow-WOW--WOOOOOWWWW. I'm still so so so excited this morning.

Happy, Happy Team after their win!

I just had to share the JOY...