Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to APRIL!!!! Spring is AWESOME. Enjoy some beautiful TULIPS from Biltmore!!

Monday, April 15, 2019

More SPRING is Happening in our Yard --April 15, 2019

Beautiful RED BUD tree blooming in our Yard 4/11/19
Good Morning Friends and Family,   After a warm week,  some rain and storms,  today is sunny and COLD....  Brrrr---got down to about 34 last night,  but it felt MUCH colder....Maybe now --it will warm up and stay warm!!!!!  (Pretty soon I'll be complaining about how hot it is!!!!!!!!  ha)

I haven't had much time to blog this week --but have gotten more pictures of our yard, as Spring keeps appearing....  SO today I'll just share more Spring Pictures for you... Hope you enjoy them.

The first picture at the top is a close-up of this tree,  the big RED BUD tree in our front yard.  (4/11/19)

Hosta plants are really pretty in our yard --so we have a bunch of them... The biggest problem with having Hosta is that the deer LOVE them!!!!!   (4/13/19)

I took this picture on 4/9/19 of the leaves popping out on our big trees.   As of today,  we have MANY more big trees getting their leaves!!!!!  Yeah!

More HOSTA;  4/13/19

The last little TULIPS blooming in the Yard for this year;    These are Double Tulips and I love their colors.  (4/09/19)

Hosta in another bed;  (4/13/19)

Little Azalea BUDS on one of our bushes in the backyard;  (4/13/19)

Some of our SEMPERVIVUM (Hens and Chicks) in the Yard;  (4/13/19)

Our Bleeding Heart bush is so healthy and just beginning to bloom;  (4/13/19)

A Bleeding Heart  (up close and personal);  (4/13/19)

Another Hosta (near the sidewalk);  (4/13/19)

Guess what this is??????  This is a LILY beginning to grow on our deck.  I LOVE Lilies  (almost as much as Roses and Tulips).  The deer also LOVE Lilies --and we have lost so many Lilies to the deer.   SO---My Sweetheart has made me a Lily Garden on the deck!!!!   See the next picture!!!   (4/10/19)

Here is my NEW Lily Bed on the deck...  Isn't George just GREAT?   He worked hard on this project  --so that I could enjoy the Lilies this year.   SO--in about a month or so,  I'll hopefully show you some of these Lilies in bloom.  YEAH!!!!  (4/10/19)

A beautiful HOSTA in the bed under the Dogwood tree;  (4/13/19)

Besides the Forsythia and Red Buds,  my favorite Spring tree in our yard is the PINK DOGWOOD... (4/13/19)

Another picture showing the PINK DOGWOOD;  (4/13/19)

A close up showing the PINK DOGWOOD;  (4/13/19)
Well ---that's it for this week....Spring is so exciting since it brings NEW LIFE all around us,  and so much color!  Whether it is the beautiful greens of the grass or Hosta plants--or the colors of flowering trees like the Red Bud and Dogwood,  or just watching the new growth of the flowers like the LILIES,   I feel so blessed...  Thanks be to God for new LIFE.

Happy Easter to ALL and God Bless YOU.