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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Big Red Truck Came to our Home

Hmmmmmm.... A big red truck pulled into our yard yesterday.... Wonder why????

NO----the men in the little white coats didn't come after me!!!!! And NO---I don't have the flu!!!!!! Hmmmmmm---what were they here for????? Come inside!!!

Wow.... Our fireplace got some new clothes... Do you like them????? Seems like they could have chosen a fancier color!!! Actually, if you haven't figured it out yet, this is the annual job done by our Chimney Sweep company.... And NO---little tiny men don't climb up in the chimney and sweep it... These days, they use a huge vacuum --and suck all of the grit and grime out of the fireplace and chimney!!!!!

This is the big vacuum--- which had a nice lunch of grit and grime from our chimney. NO--there were no small animals involved!!!! ha ha .... A big tube hooks into the fireplace/chimney and then comes out of the front door and hooks onto this vacuum.... Too bad they didn't stay awhile and vacuum my home too. Darn!!!!

Here's one more picture of how they cover the fireplace. You can see the black tube coming out in the middle... You can also see some beautiful roses sitting on our coffee table. (I didn't notice this until I looked at the pictures.)

Chimney sweeps do a great job these days --and believe it or not, it is a very clean job! They cover everything --and the entire cleaning takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Can you hear our chimney/fireplace purring tonight???? Mr. Chimney got his back scratched and got a make-over.... Wow!!!!!

Several of you have asked where we live. We are on a side street --with very little traffic (thank goodness) ---and we live on a golf course. Enlarge this Google Earth picture ---and look for the red print with an arrow --showing "Our Home"....

This is a 'protect the trees and wildlife' area... If you cut down any trees, you have to get permission --and then replace them with new trees. That is one thing I love about the area. It is truly like 'living in the woods'.

We have an empty lot (wooded) next door and there was one across the street until they built another home over there. We had almost total privacy until the house across the street was built... Grrrrrr!

You can barely see our home because we are surrounded by trees (except in front) ---but you can see a few of the homes in our area ---where there aren't as many trees. We love our little home --and it's perfect for a couple of retirees!!!!

My only regret is not buying somewhere where we had more land --and more privacy. But--we are very safe here; so overall, we truly are blessed.

Have a great Wednesday...