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Monday, November 9, 2009

More from Tallulah Gorge, GA

This is a continuation of our latest trip to Tallulah Gorge, near Clayton, GA. Before reading this post, click HERE to see the other two posts about this incredible hike (which we took on October 14, 2009). There is also a post showing the gorge in Summer (when we went there in June).

WELL---if you remember from my last post, we were on the top of the South Rim---wondering how we would get back to the North Rim. Hmmmmm---should we go back down those 600 steps and then back up 600 more on the other side???????? I may enjoy hiking and it may be good for me to get all of that wonderful exercise---but my answer to this would be: "I think NOT." ha ha

Today ---I want to show you more of the beauty we enjoyed while on the South Rim. Above is one of my favorite waterfall in the gorge, TEMPESTA FALLS. Isn't it just totally amazing???? Below are more!

Even with all of the rain that day, I still loved seeing the Autumn colors all around me.

Besides the 5 waterfalls that are part of the Tallulah River, there were two wet-weather waterfalls/cascades flowing down the mountain on the north rim into the river. You may have to click on the above picture to make it larger in order to see the CALEDONIA CASCADE as it flows down the rocks (on the left side near the top) ---and on to the bottom of the gorge. That cascade falls for 600 feet. Amazing!

Here is a close-up of the bottom part of CALEDONIA CASCADE.

This waterfall is harder to see from the South Rim. Its name is OCEANA FALLS.

The fog was quite heavy while looking across the gorge at the other wet-weather waterfall, as it pours down the rocks toward the river. This waterfall is named HIGH BLUFF FALLS.

I loved seeing the huge rocks all around the gorge--on both sides. This gorge is 1000 feet down in some spots. Amazing!

O-ke-dok-ee... We have seen everything there is to see on the South Rim .... SO--now where do we go?????? To be continued (for one more post)...