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Friday, May 31, 2013

Tallulah Gorge, Georgia

On May 4,  on our way to Ocean Isle Beach,  North Carolina,   we stopped to do some hiking at Tallulah Gorge near Clayton, GA.   We wanted to check out their beautiful waterfalls (so--what else is new????)   and hike to the bottom of the gorge and back up!!!!  If you want to see a gorgeous video from Tallulah Gorge,  click HERE.

This gorge is known as one of the largest canyons in the Eastern US.  It is 2 miles long,  1.2 mile between the two sides,  and 1000 feet deep.  The Tallulah River --which formed the canyon and passes through it,  drops 500 feet in less than a mile --making for some spectacular waterfalls/cascades.

To get to the bottom of the canyon,  we hiked down almost 550 steps ---and then of course,  had those 550 steps BACK UP....  The going down was easy as you can imagine.  About 80 feet from the bottom of the canyon,  we crossed a suspension bridge before going on down to the bottom.

Today,  I'll share some photos with you from that hike.  Besides the hike down and back up,  we also checked out ALL of the overlooks on both sides of the canyon... The picture above was taken of us on the south side (after we had been down and back in the gorge).  Obviously,  we were RESTING... ha ha ...   It was a drizzly day---but luckily,  we didn't have too much rain.   I don't mind getting wet---but have to protect our cameras!!!

Here is a view looking down into the canyon from the north side --before we started down!!

This is a picture of some of the steps going down into that deep canyon.

And,  here is another one ---looking down-down-down.

Here is a picture taken from the south side of the canyon ---AFTER we climbed down and back up.  This shows the suspension bridge we crossed.  There are people on that bridge.  See them?????  (We are 80 feet above the canyon floor while on that bridge.)

AND---to prove that we made it down there to the suspension bridge,  George took this picture of me ON the bridge. I'm glad my jacket was plenty big --since I had all of my camera 'stuff' under there ---keeping it dry!!!!!

BUT---we have farther to go down in order to get to the bottom of the canyon.  We went down more steps ---and finally,  we could see the BOTTOM.

George took this AWESOME photo of the water at the bottom of the canyon.  He was able to use his tripod and get some excellent photos of the waterfalls and the water/canyon.  I'll share the waterfall photos plus more photos from the overlooks in another post. 

Here is a photo taken from the bottom,  looking BACK up at the rock cliffs (which are on both sides of the canyon).   Amazing gorge,  isn't it????

Here is a photo of George doing his 'thing' with the tripod!!!!  WOW--the pictures he can get with the proper filters, plus using a tripod!   I love watching him at work!

While he had the tripod out,  George got this picture of us at the bottom.  That is Hurricane Falls,  one of the SIX main waterfalls at Tallulah Gorge.  Hurricane Falls is 96 feet. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing some photos from Tallulah Gorge taken on May 4, 2013.  When our day was complete at the gorge,  we had put about 4 miles on our pedometers.. Great exercise!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day --and be sure and get out in nature and do some hiking!!!!  It's good for you! See you on Monday!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to the Gorge

On our way to Ocean Isle Beach in May, we stopped by one of our favorite places, Tallulah Gorge, (near Clayton, GA) to see the gorge and waterfalls --before heading on to Simpsonville, SC where we spent the night. This was our FOURTH trip to the gorge. We have been there during all four seasons now!!!! Being there in Spring was nice, even though it was rainy, since we saw some pretty Spring blossoms!!!!

Here are some pictures from Tallulah Gorge taken on May 1st. Above is a picture of the gorge taken from one of the overlooks. You can see the bridge in the distance connecting one side of the gorge with the other ----if you want to climb up and down about 1200 steps. There is another way to hike around the gorge if you can't 'do' steps. Below are more photos!

Gorgeous Mountain Laurel in bloom;

Here is Hurricane Falls , one of our favorite waterfalls in the gorge.

There were also Azalea bushes in bloom around the gorge.

Aren't these little purple flowers pretty? I've seen them on others' blogs--but cannot remember their names. They are fairly small --and may be in the Violet family. Do you know?

Isn't this Rhododendron bush pretty??? It was nice to see all of this color at Tallulah Gorge.

Finally, here's one of my favorite waterfalls, Tempesta Falls. They had the dam opened this weekend --so there was alot of water coming over the falls. This gorge and all of the waterfalls are just fabulous. You can see other pictures from previous trips to the gorge by looking at LABELS on my blog sidebar and then scrolling down to TALLULAH GORGE. Just click there --and you can see about 5 blog posts from this beautiful place.

I found out yesterday (from the MRI) that I have torn Meniscus in my left knee on BOTH sides of the knee (Lateral and Medial). In order to get some relief from some of this horrible pain I've had for the past 3-4 weeks, I will have Arthroscopic Knee Surgery (to repair the meniscus) TODAY at 1:30 p.m. It is outpatient surgery --and I should be home in a couple of hours. I 'should' have immediate relief from the pain.

Thanks be to God for my wonderful doctors, my great health insurance , and hopefully---freedom from pain VERY soon. Please say a prayer this afternoon for me. Thanks so much --and thanks for all of the cards, comments, calls, and emails. I don't know what I'd do without YOU.


Monday, November 9, 2009

More from Tallulah Gorge, GA

This is a continuation of our latest trip to Tallulah Gorge, near Clayton, GA. Before reading this post, click HERE to see the other two posts about this incredible hike (which we took on October 14, 2009). There is also a post showing the gorge in Summer (when we went there in June).

WELL---if you remember from my last post, we were on the top of the South Rim---wondering how we would get back to the North Rim. Hmmmmm---should we go back down those 600 steps and then back up 600 more on the other side???????? I may enjoy hiking and it may be good for me to get all of that wonderful exercise---but my answer to this would be: "I think NOT." ha ha

Today ---I want to show you more of the beauty we enjoyed while on the South Rim. Above is one of my favorite waterfall in the gorge, TEMPESTA FALLS. Isn't it just totally amazing???? Below are more!

Even with all of the rain that day, I still loved seeing the Autumn colors all around me.

Besides the 5 waterfalls that are part of the Tallulah River, there were two wet-weather waterfalls/cascades flowing down the mountain on the north rim into the river. You may have to click on the above picture to make it larger in order to see the CALEDONIA CASCADE as it flows down the rocks (on the left side near the top) ---and on to the bottom of the gorge. That cascade falls for 600 feet. Amazing!

Here is a close-up of the bottom part of CALEDONIA CASCADE.

This waterfall is harder to see from the South Rim. Its name is OCEANA FALLS.

The fog was quite heavy while looking across the gorge at the other wet-weather waterfall, as it pours down the rocks toward the river. This waterfall is named HIGH BLUFF FALLS.

I loved seeing the huge rocks all around the gorge--on both sides. This gorge is 1000 feet down in some spots. Amazing!

O-ke-dok-ee... We have seen everything there is to see on the South Rim .... SO--now where do we go?????? To be continued (for one more post)...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Down and UP in Tallulah Gorge

On October 14, George and I revisited Tallulah Gorge near Clayton, GA. Please click HERE in order to see our first set of pictures and read an explanation of why we were there on that particular day. Today I will show you more pictures from our fabulous hike down into that gorge and then back up on the other side. Pant-Pant!!!!

It was raining cats and dogs that day---but that didn't stop us. We had the gorge all to ourselves almost all day long. You'll have to excuse the raindrops in many of the pictures ---and the fog all around us!!!!! But---I wanted you to see more of our hike that day!!!!

There are seven waterfalls in the gorge ---and we saw six of them while there. The picture above shows the Tallulah River as it travels through the gorge. The waterfall is L'Eau d'Or Falls (which is French for Water of Gold). Below are more!!

Gee---that's a long way down into that gorge (about 1000 ft. down at some points)... Are you sure we are walking down those 600 steps into the gorge???????? Okay---I'm game... Let's GO!

Well----I made it all the way down to the Swinging Bridge---and I'm still smiling!!!! Coming down was not too hard--and this bridge isn't too wiggly!! I will walk gingerly though!!!! ha

Yipes.... Look at that water underneath the bridge... Hold on tight and don't fall!!!!! SCARY!!!!!

Whew..... I made it to the other side. See the bridge?????

Oops-----I guess I have to go UP now!!!!! That's harder than going down!!!! Think I can make it up to the South Rim ???? It's only another 600 steps!!!!! Yipes! Where's the elevator when I need it?????

Uh Oh, George..... Do you think I can make it all the way up THERE????????

We both made it to the top, even though I stopped a few times (MANY TIMES) in order to catch my breath!!!! George is standing at Lookout 10 on the South Rim Trail, checking out the gorge and the waterfalls below.

Here's one more picture of the Swinging Bridge that we crossed. Can you see it????

Do you see that 'house' across from us on the other side? That is the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center, where we started our hike on the North Rim Trail. NOW--that we are on the South side, how do we get back over there???????? To Be Continued!!!!!!!


Friday, October 16, 2009

Tallulah Gorge (Clayton, GA)

The visit to Tallulah Gorge was fantastic despite the fact that it rained the ENTIRE time. We had driven to see the waterfalls with TONS of water coming over them --and we were not disappointed. This gorge or canyon is unlike most any other we have visited. Besides just seeing the beauty of the gorge itself, there are five main waterfalls plus two wet-weather waterfalls in the gorge. SO--you can only imagine how much George and I love that place!

Before construction of the Tallulah Falls dam in 1913, the mighty Tallulah River thundered through magnificent Tallulah Gorge, plunging over 600 feet in a series of six renowned waterfalls. Once the area became a state park in 1992, trails and overlooks were added. And --a few times during the year, the Georgia Power Company releases water from the dam. We were there on one of those dates. Seeing waterfalls with THAT much water was totally awesome.

When we were here in June, we stayed on the north side of the gorge. This time, we hiked down the MILLION (felt like that many) steps to the bottom of the canyon, crossed the swinging bridge and went up a million more steps to the south rim of the canyon. The views from the south rim were even more spectacular than the north side. Today I am posting just a few of our many pictures from Tallulah Gorge. I'll share the entire hike over the next few days/weeks ---and I hope you will add Tallulah Gorge to your list of places to go. It is located in the North Georgia Mountains not far from Clayton, GA. AND--if you cannot do much hiking, you can see the gorge and waterfalls via the overlooks. It is an awesome place!

Above is a picture of L'Eau d' Or WATERFALL taken on Wed., October 14, 2009. I wish you could have HEARD all of that powerful water---pouring down the gorge. You can see some fall colors --and also some fog. Below are more pictures.

Did I tell you that it was raining???????? Luckily, it never did rain really hard ---and we didn't mind getting wet. That is L'Eau d' Or Waterfall in the background.

This gorgeous waterfall is named HURRICANE FALLS. It is one of the most awesome ones in the gorge.

See that bridge???? George and I hiked straight down about 600 steps and crossed that bridge. We then hiked UP about 600 steps to the south rim. All of those steps didn't bother me too much--until the NEXT day... I found some muscles that weren't used to that kind of climbing!!!! ha

The state park has incredible trails---including benches around in many areas where one may rest and enjoy the beauty around us. I asked George to sit on this little bench since I loved the way it was tucked up under a rock overhang. Neat, huh????

This beautiful waterfall is named TEMPESTA FALLS.

This is just a few of our pictures from Tallulah Gorge. Many more to come!!!!

We're headed to Jacksonville, FL this weekend to attend a Memorial Service in memory of my brother. I'll try to do some 'catching up' on my laptop...

Have a great weekend.