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Monday, November 3, 2014

Freaky Snow Storm in Tennessee on November 1, 2014

A Snowy Pumpkin in our Yard
I don't usually show pictures of such a tiny snow---but our entire area had a crazy snow storm  beginning on October 31 and ending November 1.... Here on the Cumberland Plateau,  the rains began on Halloween --and the temperatures got colder and colder as the day progressed.  I felt sorry for any Trick or Treaters who might have been outside that night.  The snow began after dark and we woke up on Saturday morning to find 1/2 inch of wet snow at our home...

As most of you know,  I am one who LOVES snow (even tiny ones) and hubby (who was raised in Indiana) would prefer NEVER to see snow again.    SO---when we get a small one,  he is happy not to have to scrape the driveway!!!!  I am happy when the snow is a 'wet' one and clings to everything... SO---we were 'both' Happy Campers on Saturday!!!!

The crazy thing is the DATE... Our area has rarely had snow this early in the season.  AND---the Smoky Mountains  (Mt. LeConte) had 22 inches of snow (probably the most ever on Nov. 1st)... I heard on TV that there are snow drifts WAIST deep in spots in the mountains...   AND---due to trees falling,  some of the campgrounds in the Smokies had to be closed.  And to think:  All of our area had temperatures in the 70's earlier this week!!!!   We will be talking about this storm in Tennessee for a LONG time!

Today I'll share some of my snow pictures taken early in the morning on Nov. 1st.... We will say goodbye to our blooms I'm sure ---and will have to wait 'til Spring for some blooms in our yard (except for the Pansies --which can make it through this kind of weather)!!!!! 

Almost the end of our Canna Lilies for this year!

Snow on one of our Azalea Bushes

Another Azalea

A DayLily

Poor little Vinca  (Our Vincas won't make it through the weekend.)

Chicago Peace Rose --(should be named Snowy Peace)

Two of our shrubs:  Jasmine (really a Glossy Abelia) and an Azalea

IRIS ---see all of the buds???  We have had quite a few Re-blooming Irises to bloom this month.

Another Iris  with buds---wonder if these will bloom now?

Burning Bush covered with snow

Another photo of the Burning Bush (which definitely was not 'burning' on this date)

One of our Container Roses --full of snow!

Our big Rhododendron in the backyard (near the Bird Kitchen)
SO---that is our 'freaky' snow on November 1,  2014.... The snow did last all day since the temperatures stayed right about freezing most of the day.  AND--that night,  the temperature went down to 25 degrees Fahrenheit!!!!

I don't know what Winter has in store for us this year --but a lady who studies nature's signs always writes an article in our local newspaper each year giving her forecast... AND--she is usually always correct with her predictions.

This is what she said about our area this Winter:
-NINE snows with 3 of them being heavy (She counts the August early-morning fogs to come up with that number.)
-Our mast crop (nuts and acorns) is HEAVY this year --denoting a hard winter.
-Our tree foliage is particularly thick --denoting a hard winter. 
-Hornets' nests are right on the ground --denoting a hard winter.
-Spring Flowering Bushes blooming in Fall denote a hard winter.  Here at our home,  our Azalea bloomed this Fall--for the first time in FALL.
-An all-black Woolly Worm denotes a hard winter (and we have seen one in our yard).
-Trees that hold their leaves longer are another sign of a hard winter.
-When opening a persimmon seed,  we are seeing a SPOON design (which says that we'll be shoveling snow all winter).  George hates this one!

There are more signs ---but you get the idea!!!!  We are in for another humdinger of a FRIGID Winter here on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee...

Welcome to November.... Our November 1st came in like a lion this year...   Since this is a new month,  I also have a  blog post on My Photo Blog.  Click HERE  to see a new header and another Fall photo from our yard.

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