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Friday, January 9, 2009

A Waterfall RAINBOW

Since we enjoyed going to Ozone Falls on Wednesday, George and I got back out yesterday to check for more waterfalls---after all of our recent rains. We first checked out Wildcat Falls (near Sparta, TN)---and saw water coming over that waterfall for the first time since we started checking it. YEAH!!!

Then we drove down to Fall Creek Falls to check out the waterfalls there. For some reason, we just cannot stay away from that place! WELL---this time we saw something we have never seen before: Cane Creek Falls with a RAINBOW coming out of the mist. Isn't that just incredible???? Since there had been so much rain and because there was SO much water and spray, a combination of that spray and the bright sunlight created a beautiful rainbow. Actually, there was a DOUBLE Rainbow!!!! I was so excited--but needed a wide lens on my camera in order to get the total effect since we were above the falls at an overlook. The picture above shows part of the waterfall on the left and the rainbows on the right. Wish you could have seen this in person. It was truly awesome!!!

I just had to show you the above close-up of the rainbows. They were absolutely gorgeous!

I included the picture above of the cascades at Fall Creek Falls because I wanted to show you how close George gets to the falls in order to take pictures!!!!! "Mercy Honey---please be careful!!!!!"

I know you didn't want to see MORE pictures of our waterfalls (ha), so I'll show you other things we enjoy at Fall Creek Falls. We probably saw 15 deer altogether throughout the large park! I heard the deer in the picture above saying: "Hey Lady, this is my home. Go away!" ha ha

Fall Creek Falls is an area filled with beautiful gorges (canyons) and mountains. It is known as the Grand Canyon of Tennessee. George took the picture above of these mountain ranges. I love the shadows. Can you tell that winter is one of our favorite seasons to be out in nature????? There weren't many people around so the park became OURS. Like I said, it's truly awesome!!!!

And finally, there is one more special picture from Fall Creek Falls---but it is on GEORGE'S blog!!!! Something in the sky followed us around, and all the way home!!!! Check it out!!!