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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pine Mountain State Resort Park -June 19-21, 2013

Pine Mountain State Park Lodge,  Kentucky
We took a short vacation to Kentucky in June to celebrate our Anniversary.  We spent two nights at the Pine Mountain State Park Lodge and two nights in Corbin.   We absolutely LOVE this lodge and restaurant ---and will return in October to see the Fall Leaf Colors with friends.   Today,  I will share a little of this beautiful state park lodge with you.  I hope you can visit this area sometime since there is SO much beauty around here to enjoy!  The photo above shows the front entrance to the lodge.  Be sure to enlarge the photos for bigger pictures.

George sitting on the lodge porch. 

This is another view of some of the rooms at the lodge.

Here I am sitting on one of the little benches around the grounds... This is a wonderful place just to come and relax ---and maybe even read a good book!!!!

Another view of the grounds around the lodge

This is George standing outside of our room.   We were in the last building on the left of the lodge/restaurant --and loved our room.  It was quiet and we had a great view from our back porch.

Here  was our view looking at the woods/mountains while sitting on our back porch.

Our back porch;   We loved sitting out there doing our daily devotions and just enjoying the quietness around us.  Our room had a king bed,  flatscreen TV,  microwave and frig  (all the conveniences of home!)....

We're on our way to breakfast at the delicious lodge restaurant.  Our building was the last building you can see in this photo.  We ate breakfast at the lodge both mornings and one of the evenings we were there. The food was delicious.

Here we are in the restaurant.  Look at our VIEW from the big picture windows in the restaurant.   There's FOG in the valley below.  (We saw fog in the valley BOTH mornings when we went to breakfast.   SO gorgeous!)

Look what else we enjoyed while having breakfast.    They have bird feeders (on pulleys) near all of the windows of the restaurant... You can imagine how much I loved that... This is a cute picture of a NUTHATCH eating upside down...   I loved watching not only the FOG --but also the BIRDS while we ate breakfast.

Here's one more photo from the lodge restaurant that morning of the FOG in the Valley below.   One of the people working at the restaurant  took us to another place in the lodge where we could open the windows and take photos of the fog and mountains WITHOUT the glass glare!  Wasn't that nice of them to do that?

WELL---we didn't get paid anything to promote this place,  but we just love it so much that we want to tell the world how much!!!!!  While at the state park,  there are lots and lots of things to do.  Besides the lodge,  this resort park has cabins for rent.  They offer picnicking,  hiking,  nature studies,  swimming,  golf and many other options.  For more information about this state park,  click HERE.

We took several great hikes while here --and even saw one small waterfall (Honeymoon Falls)...  It's just a great place to take a vacation!

Have a great Wednesday and now pop over to my Photo Blog (click HERE)  to see a photo from one of our hikes in that park.