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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Special Day at our Favorite Place

As most of you know by now, Fall Creek Falls (here in TN) is a very special place to George and me. On April 21, 2001, he took me to Fall Creek Falls for the day. We hiked and talked about our love of waterfalls. He took me to dinner at the State Park Restaurant. BUT--the best thing that happened that day was that I received my FIRST KISS.... Woooooooo---was I excited!!!!
Both of us call April 21st the day that we 'really' fell in love. I think we knew that we loved each other before the 21st---but that was the DAY that we actually talked about it. I feel as if that day was the beginning of our lives together. Hence you can see where our love of waterfalls began also!!!!
This being said, we have gone back to Fall Creek Falls on this date almost every year --just to remember that special day in 2001, and to profess our love to each other there. This year was no exception. We were on our way home from Texas on Tuesday, the 21st. SO--of course, we took a little side trip--and went back to Fall Creek Falls. Above is a picture of us taken by some nice lady near the Cascades last Tuesday, the 21st. More pictures of the park and our day there are below. Click on them to enlarge them.

It was a beautiful day in Tennessee --- especially after we had had all of those horrible storms while we were in Texas.

Of all the times we have been to Fall Creek Falls and taken pictures, I don't think I've ever taken a picture of the creek above the falls . The sun was hitting that creek last Tuesday ---so I took a picture showing the water pouring down toward the top of the waterfall. Nice, isn't it????

The water flows swiftly down that creek and over the rocks into a big bowl and pool at the bottom. This is only one of 6 falls in this park. This one is called Fall Creek Falls and it is 256 feet high.

The small waterfall next to Fall Creek Falls is named Coon Creek Falls.

This is the area where we had our first kiss. NOW that area is called George Hole. I just had to take his picture there ---since they OBVIOUSLY named that area after 'my' George!!!! HA... Ya think???? (We really don't know where the name "George Hole" came from! That sign is fairly new.)

This is a small man-made dam near George Hole.

Above the dam, the water was calm. Near this area there are picnic tables and a huge grassy area. Aren't those rock formations gorgeous on the other side?

This is the creek below the dam... It flows downhill and heads toward a couple more of the state park waterfalls, the Cascades and Cane Creek Falls.

This is a side view of Cane Creek Falls -----and it is always one of my favorites ---because there was a RAINBOW just for George and me!!!!! Gorgeous, huh?????

Here's one last picture of this crazy-in-love couple---who fell madly in love in 2001----and love each other MUCH MUCH more now!!!!!