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Monday, August 14, 2023

Made it to 81----somehow!!!!!

 Dear Blog Friends,   WELL--where do I begin!!!!!  2023 so far hasn't been good to me...  Hopefully the next 5 months will be better.   IF you follow me on Facebook,  you will know all of this.  BUT since many of you aren't on Facebook,  you probably don't know this.... SO--here goes!!!!

You do know that from January-April 21,   I was dealing with my oldest son's cancer and then death.... May and June were good since we made a short trip to Bilmore in May and then our Anniversary Trip to the Pisgah Inn in June.... BUT then came JULY.... It was definitely not my finest month!

Here's what happened:   On July 7,  I somehow twisted my right hip/leg and heard something pop!!  I couldn't put weight on that leg and thought I had broken my leg/hip.  SO--after living with the pain as long as I could,  George took me to the emergency room on July 10, to make sure that I hadn't fractured anything.  

They ran tests (X-rays, CTScan,  CTScan using CONTRAST).   Luckily my bones were fine  (nothing broken) but I developed a huge Hematoma on that hip and since I am on a Blood Thinner,   they were worried about that Hematoma bleeding.  SO--they transferred me to the hospital where I stayed for SEVEN days.  I was off of my Blood Thinner from July 10-31.

The hospital then ran more tests (including another CT Scan using CONTRAST)....  The next morning,  my KIDNEY levels went sky-high... What the doctors had found out was that I was deathly allergic to the CONTRAST (liquid) that was in the CTScans....That is what sent my kidney levels into orbit!!!   (I have taken contrast in past with no problems --but NOT two that close together.). They filled me with fluid for 3 days to get rid of the contrast, but all of that fluid made me swell up like a huge balloon...  I was miserable. (Probably gained 20 pounds with that fluid in me!!!)

SO---as my Hematoma was getting better (no problems),  the kidneys now became the problem...SO---seven long days in the hospital for me!!!!  Once my kidney levels (Creatinine levels) started going back to normal---I begged to go home where I could get some sleep in my own bed.

I've never ever been in the hospital for more than 1-2 days in my life--so this was an experience for me, and not a pleasant one!  I got home on the 17th...After that experience,  I'll admit that it took me 2 more weeks at home 'trying' to get well... But by the first week of August,  I began to feel better and get some energy back (FINALLY).

As of today (August 13)---I am continually making improvements.  I am definitely NOT ready to run a marathon ---but I am BETTER... As I tell my family/friends---it's all about 'baby steps'....

One thing I do want to add:  George has been incredible to help me get through all of this.  I'm not sure I would have made it without him.  Thanks Honey... I am so blessed to have you in my life.

What I learned:
-NEVER ever let anyone put CONTRAST in my CTScan
-Here's one rule that hospitals have:  
    -They watch the patient, and the minute he/she goes to sleep, they wake him/her up to take blood pressure, vitals, blood sugar, etc.  Trying to rest in the hospital is 'for the birds'.... ha ha

NOW---here's some GOOD NEWS!!!   On August 5th --- I celebrated my 81st Birthday...  AND--my wonderful family came to visit and give me a 'party'....   We are usually traveling during my Birthday Week---so this was a wonderful alternative.   I had a great great birthday---and now hope I make is for another 10 years or so!!!!!  Hopefully ---NO MORE HOSPITALS for me!!!!

Here are a few pictures from my Birthday Celebration.  

The kids brought me a cute little Puppy-Cake for my Birthday!!

After sitting outside for awhile,  we came inside and chatted and chatted.  (I loved it.)

Lunch was healthy (even though the cake was not)... ha... The kids brought lots of healthy foods for us to enjoy!!!  Around the table:  George, Jeff (youngest son), Dawn,  Mark (middle son),  Robin,  and Kelly (George's daughter).

Gift time:  I got a new wind chime... YEAH!!

The sound is marvelous!!!!  It is hanging on our deck now!

Ah --how sweet.  It is a 'mushroom' Bird House... It is now hanging on our deck also!!!!

Mama and her two babies (Jeff and Mark)... What joy for me!!!

I love this picture of all of us!!!!

I added this one just 'cause'!!!   Look what Kelly did to the old Mom!!!!  That must mean that I'm getting well since my HORNS are back!!!!! ha ha.... I also wondered what Mark was thinking!!  His picture is hilarious!!

Finally,  I just must tell you a story....  See the Cardinals on my shirt???  I had to wear this shirt today because a beautiful red Cardinal flew on the top of the Bird feeders and just looked and looked at me when we were on the swing having our Devotions that morning.  I knew that BERT had come to see me and to wish me a Happy Birthday.   OH--how I still miss and love you, Bert. Wish you were here to help me celebrate!

WELL Friends... That's my crazy life... I sincerely hope and pray that the next 5 months of 2023 will be better for ME....  I am looking forward to see what Fall/Winter brings me!!!!

I hope all of you are well and doing good.... God's Blessings on YOU!!