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Monday, October 4, 2021

Septembers Through the Years!

Dear Blog Friends,    It's been awhile since I wrote...If  you read my last post,  you'll know that we had a car accident on August 15.    I broke my right wrist and jammed some fingers in my right hand.  That has prevented me from doing much writing or typing... I've tried to use Siri but she doesn't understand my southern drawl!!!  ha...  

If you are on Facebook then you have kept up with my progress...  Overall,  I am NOW doing well except for some problems with my hearing (due to the airbags), and also some neuropathy problems.  My wrist is mending nicely.  I only had to wear the hard cast for 5 weeks and a velcro brace for 1-2 weeks.  I still wear it off and on --and am doing my exercises to strengthen that wrist.  

I will admit that I had a hard time for a couple of weeks,  mostly emotionally.   BUT--with the love, attention and help from God, George, Family and many Friends,  I pulled myself together and have been back to my old 'positive' self again.

The next step for me is to see an ENT doctor to check my ears/hearing...  I have that appointment now--scheduled finally for Oct. 14.... BABY STEPS!!!! PATIENCE, Betsy!!!!!! ha

I can now type again ---so I'M BACK!!!!!    Today's Post is one I had a great time working on.  I was looking back at past Septembers to see what we did!!!!  I had fun-fun-fun choosing some of our favorite trips/pictures to share with you today...   George and I have been blessed with quite a lot of traveling for the past 15+ years... I hope you enjoy seeing some of these great memories.. 

From the lodge at Pine Mountain State Park,  KENTUCKY  --September 2010

Train Ride at Cass Railroad,  WEST VIRGINIA -- September 2011

Mount Rushmore in SOUTH DAKOTA-- September 2012

                        A Ride on the Schooner Alliance,  Yorktown, VIRGINIA--  September 2013

We hiked to the top of Sharp Top Mountain,  Peaks of Otter,  VIRGINIA--September 2016

Beautiful ZION National Park,  UTAH  ---Sept.  2017

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone; Yellowstone National Park,  WYOMING --Sept. 2012

We drove over Beartooth Mountain,  MONTANA-- Sept 2018

Schwaubacher Landing, Grand Teton National Park,  WYOMING --Sept 2018

Looking toward Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs, COLORADO in the Rocky Mountains-- Sept 2012

Oh the memories!!!!   I tried to pull out pictures from several different states...  Someone asked me:  What are your favorite places on this list???   Well--that's hard since I loved them all.   However,  the places I would love to visit again (over and over) are:  the TETONS and Cass Railroad.   George would love to go on the Schooner Alliance in Yorktown since he LOVES "Tall Ships".....

My advice to all of you:  Get out now when you can and TRAVEL.... I'm so blessed to have been to all of these places --and many more!!!!