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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lexington, Virginia Visit

The final ‘lap’ of our June '07 vacation was to Lexington, Virginia (after we had visited 5 waterfalls along the Blue Ridge Pkwy). We had been in Lexington in 2002--so we didn’t spend too much time here this particular time. We did visit Washington and Lee University, Lee Chapel, R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church, Lee’s homeplace, and an old cemetery.

You may not know this but my husband is a HUGE fan of Robert E. Lee. He even named his son, Robert Edward Lee Adams. George has read almost every book ever written about Lee. SO--when we visit places where Robert E. Lee lived and worked, since George knows all of the history, I have a 'built-in' tour guide.

Here are pictures from our day in Lexington. Above is Washington Hall at Washington and Lee University. Robert E. Lee was President there from 1865-1870, when the college was called Washington College. Below are more.

This is the Jackson House---where Lee lived while building his home next door.

Above is Robert E. Lee's home--which he designed for himself and his invalid wife and daughters.

Here is the open garage--which was once the stable where Lee's horse, Traveller, lived.

This is Robert E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington, VA.

Above is a view from the side of the church (but there were too many trees for a good picture).

George stands beside the announcement board in the front of the church.

The inside of this beautiful church; Note the gorgeous stained-glass windows.

Another beautiful window--taken from inside the church

Look at this fancy pulpit... Wow!!!

Well---if you don't want to preach, maybe you want to read scripture from this beautiful lectern.... Neat, huh?

Gen. Stonewall Jackson is buried in a cemetery in Lexington.

I enjoyed reading the inscriptions on the grave markers in the cemetery. (Wonder if there are some Bruce's or Ballard's buried there?????)

Stonewall Jackson was the most revered Confederate commander after Lee.

Hope you have enjoyed our little history lesson. Lexington, Virginia is a neat little city. IF you ever get near there, check it out.