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Friday, March 1, 2013

Yellowstone --Day 1 Continued

Can you believe that it is March 1st today?  I asked where January went ---so I'll ask now where February went!!!!  Goodness--time flies when we're having fun,  doesn't it?  One thing about March:  It's closer to SPRING...  Yeah!!!

Today I am going to continue my Yellowstone journey with you..  If you missed Part I,  please click HERE.   There is some great information about Yellowstone --including links to learn even more.  (Several of you enjoyed seeing the links showing more about the elk.)

I begin today by sharing a photo of two more waterfalls we saw on Sept. 19, 2012, when we were there.  We are now on the road between Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Falls.  Undine Falls can be seen from the overlook near the road.  Wraith Falls is a short hike.  We enjoyed seeing both of these waterfalls.  Have I mentioned that the waterfalls in Yellowstone are FABULOUS???  ha

Here's a picture of George sitting at the overlook at Undine Falls.

We had a traffic jam on the road between Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower Falls --waiting on a herd of buffalo to cross the road... Hope you enjoy seeing a couple more pictures of them.

This is a photo of our hike to Wraith Falls.  The trail was in good shape --and we enjoyed the countryside around the falls.

This is one of the prettiest waterfalls in the park,  Tower Fall. I tried to get its picture from three different angles.  The one on the right is my favorite since you can see all of the rock designs behind it.  They reminded me a little of Bryce Canyon.  Beautiful waterfall,  don't you think? It is 132 feet tall.  To read more about Tower Fall, click HERE.

After leaving Tower Fall (and heading back toward Mammoth Hot Springs),  we stopped to see this Petrified Tree.  Amazing,  isn't it?  Reminded me of our time in the Petrified Forest... Such great memories..  (To read more about this Petrified Tree,  click HERE.)

Next, we drove back through Mammoth Hot Springs and went north to the north (northeast) entrance to the park.  We drove to Gardiner.    The collage above shows the beautiful Gardiner River in the top and bottom photos (what a fabulous drive),  and we enjoyed seeing the BIGHORN SHEEP (middle photo) on the top of the ridge while driving to Gardiner.   (To read more about fly-fishing in the Gardiner River,  click HERE.)

The reason we drove to Gardiner was to see this gorgeous arch,  the ROOSEVELT ARCH.   Isn't it beautiful?  If you get to Yellowstone,  don't miss the drive between Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner... FABULOUS!  (To read more about the Roosevelt Arch,  click HERE.)

Throughout Yellowstone,  we saw ELK... Almost every morning we were there,  we would stop along the way to see the elk.  Beautiful animals!

On the way back to our motel in West Yellowstone that night (9/19/12),  we saw (as we did most evenings) a beautiful sky and sunset. 

I'll close Day 1 (of 5 in Yellowstone) with a collage of George and I.  We took our picture together at many of the places we visited each day.  Such GREAT memories!!!!

Hope you enjoyed one of our days at Yellowstone.  Obviously, there is much more to come!!!!

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Have a wonderful weekend and I'll see you on Monday.