Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to FEBRUARY!!!! My header picture this month is a photo I took of the fireplace in our home. The warmth of the fire helped us get through a VERY cold January. February is known as the Month of LOVE. SO I wish you love, joy, peace, happiness and lots of Laughter...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Wonderful Inlaws

I have talked about my inlaws to many of you --so I thought I would feature them in today's post. My parents are both dead (Daddy died in 1969 and Mama in 1991)---so when George and I got married in 2001, his parents became 'my' parents too. I simply adore those two wonderful people.

Dad will be 97 on August 29 and Mom will be 89 on May 2. They will have been married for 69 years on May 5. I love to hear their story about their marriage. Mom (who lived in Winslow, Indiana) met Dad when he went to Winslow to work with the CCC. They fell in love and Dad asked Mom to marry him. Mom's parents said that she couldn't get married until she was 20 yrs. old. SO---three days after her 20th birthday, they got married at the Christian Church in Winslow.

A couple of years ago, George and I took Mom and Dad back to Winslow and they got to visit the church where they got married in 1940. It was so special to see them walk around and re-live that special day so many years ago.

Except for their eyesight, both are in good shape physically considering their ages. Neither have ever taken and still do not take prescription drugs to this day. How many older people can say this???? Amazing, huh?! About 20 years ago, Mom developed Macular Degeneration. So--Dad (the older one) became caregiver for both of them. He took such good care of Mom--and helped her to be very independent despite her poor eyesight. She loved to cook --so Dad put her recipes on a recorder. He put bubble buttons on the microwave --and other places where she needed to 'feel' where things were. She continued to cook and bake and live an almost normal life for many years. It was just this past year that her memory has begun to fail a little --so she doesn't cook anymore.

Dad continued to drive until his eyesight also failed this past year. Giving up driving and his independence was hard for this VERY stubborn and independent man--whose mind is as sharp as a tack!!!!! George's sister (Janet) BEGGED her parents to move in with her in Tullahoma--but Dad absolutely refused. They decided to stay in their own home (where they feel safe) as long as possible.

Janet and her hubby (Charlie) alternate weeks driving to Hendersonville to check on the folks, with George and I.. SO every couple of weeks, we visit them, go through their mail, write checks/bills/finances, etc., run errands such as groceries, take them out to lunch, and do whatever they need to make it through another week. Volunteers from their church get them to worship and Sunday School every week along with Wednesday Bible Study and the Senior Citizen monthly program entitled Young at Heart.

These sweet little people are such an inspiration to me. They still hold hands in church--and have been inseparable for all of these many years. Their love for each other is still so very evident --just by their actions. George and I hope to live as long as them --and hopefully, be as healthy!!!!

Are they not just AMAZING!!???? Here are some pictures I took yesterday sitting at their dining room table.

Dad and George are working on finances.. I asked him to look up and smile--and this is what I got!!!! Cutie!!!

Mom has the prettiest smile---and no matter when you see her, that smile shines through!!!

I finally got Dad to look up --and smile for me!!!!!

I love this picture--even if Mom has her eyes closed... See how lucky I am to have George and his family in my life????? Wow!!!