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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Mountain Air Condo (NC)

I have done several posts about our weekend with George's son and family in North Carolina, which took place the weekend of July 10. As I mentioned in previous blogs, Mountain Air is a ritzy resort in the mountains of North Carolina --near Burnsville (northeast of Asheville). I blogged about Mountain Air Resort itself, about our picnic to the Pink Beds and also sliding at Sliding Rock. Today I'm going to show you some pictures we took from the condo. Above is a view from the deck---where we stayed most of the time when we were there. Below are more.

George enjoyed sitting on the deck. If there had been a bed out there, I'll bet we would have slept out there. SO gorgeous!!!

The deck--from the other direction; There was a bird feeder out there, but no birdseed!!! Darn!!!! I could hear TONS of birds in the distance while we were on the deck. The one I loved listening to was the Towhee (who sings "Drink Your Tea-he-he-he-he"). Have you heard this one????

The deck wraps around and there's another door which goes into the master bedroom.

Here's a view of the woodsy 'yard' around all of the condos. I was impressed that they built all of these condos ---and left all of the big trees and woods.

This is the side yard next to the condo. IF you look carefully, you can see (barely) the next set of condos on the top left. The builders did a great job at keeping the privacy.

Melissa had put together two large booklets filled with all kinds of 'projects' for the kids to participate in. She did it for their use on the long trip (from the Tampa area to NC--and back) --but they also worked on some of their projects at the condo. George and I were so impressed at how SMART both of these little boys are.

Bob and Melissa fixed meals for us that were fit for a king and queen... This particular night, they prepared chicken and hamburgers with all of the trimmings. Melissa's baked beans were to-die-for!!!! YUM!!!

As you can tell, I absolutely loved this condo and our weekend with Bob and family... Now it's time for the best part----the SUNSET!!!

The beginning of a beautiful sunset on Friday night, July 10

Oh---how pretty!!!! What a view we had from the deck!!! We sat outside even after dark--talking and drinking coffee.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh-----can I hear you saying that????? Is that sky not stunning???? Wow!!!! That was the end of a marvelous day and weekend, with those we love.