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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Lights near our Home

Last Wednesday,  I posted some pictures taken from our ride around the Fairfield Glade community.  This is another post from that ride, and my final Christmas post of 2010 (except for a couple of posts of Christmas lights we saw while we were at the beach).  The picture above was from a house which had decorations ALL over the yard... That's a little 'much' for my taste--but we did get some good pictures...

Here is a picture of another house which had LOTS of lights and decorations.   I did like it better --mainly because the yard itself was larger.

This is the same yard as the picture above...  This entire display was very tastefully done.

Here's the angel in the same yard... I really love this angel.

Here was a simple but beautiful display showing the Nativity.  The big star is what caught my eye when we passed by it.

Finally,  this is my favorite display of ALL.  The little sign beside the display says it all: "Let there be Peace on Earth".

Hope each of you had a fabulous Christmas this year.  We certainly did --and we enjoyed sharing ours with you.  Now it is 2011--and we get to start over and do it all again...

HAPPY 2011!!!