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Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving --and enjoy celebrating all of the things in life which I am truly thankful for. This year, since George's parents were with his sister in Tullahoma, TN and since none of our other family members could join us for the day, George and I decided to do something totally different. We called a good friend in Kingsport, TN (who has MS and who also lives alone) and asked her if she had plans. She had none ---so we drove up there and took her out to dinner. She told us that we provided her with a fabulous Thanksgiving this year, but believe me, the blessing was OURS.

We had a fabulous day ---and the dinner at Cracker Barrel was excellent. But---even better than the dinner (if that is possible) was the long ride we took all over Kingsport and that area. Reida doesn't get out much these days---so she enjoyed showing off her little city to us. AND--we surprised her by taking her out in the country in search of a new waterfall (which she didn't even know was there). We found it---and Reida was amazed!!!! We all had a wonderful day---including seeing the wild turkeys on Bays Mountain.

Hope you enjoy some of our pictures from this perfect day with a special friend. Above is a picture of two childhood friends, Reida and me. We are standing in Reida's newly renovated kitchen. It is gorgeous! Below are more pictures.

George took our picture --while we waited for our delicious Thanksgiving Dinner at Cracker Barrel. And believe me, dinner was delicious--and the company was better!!!

Wild turkeys on Bays Mountain --where we took a ride on Thanksgiving afternoon; don't you know those guys were happy not to be on someone's table on that day!!!! ha ha

There were three of them in this group... Pretty, aren't they? They are quite colorful--so I assume they are all males.

Here's two more --in another area. I could almost hear the one in the rear saying: "Hey, wait for me." ha

This is the waterfall we saw on Thanksgiving Day... It was in the country -and the drive was fabulous. This waterfall is named Bays Mountain Falls. We showed it in a previous post--but wanted to show it one more time.

It was a cold afternoon ---and this girl was freezing --while getting her picture taken beside that 'weird' tree..... Is that tree PREGNANT????? ha ha

George did what he always does when we visit waterfalls... He got 'up close and personal'...

We truly had one of the nicest Thanksgiving Days we have ever had. I love doing things for others---and visiting Reida on this day was truly a blessing for US. After leaving her home that afternoon, we headed for Erwin, TN ---for a couple of fabulous days hiking and 'waterfalling'.