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Friday, November 1, 2013

Around our Yard and Area --10/30/13

The gorgeous Maple Tree in our Front Yard
Happy NOVEMBER..... Can't believe it!!!!  Time is flying.  Hope you enjoy my November blog look.  Don't forget to look at my new quotes/photos on my sidebar.  I spend as much time changing those each month as I do my blog itself... ha...  Hope you enjoy it all!!!  Maybe something on my sidebar will speak to YOU.

WELL-after coming home from our Kentucky trip on Friday (10/25),  we had nothing but clouds and dreary skies here --UNTIL the following Wednesday.  We woke up Wednesday morning to beautiful sunshine and blue skies --and it looked as if our trees around here had all changed colors OVERNIGHT.   Of course,  we just 'had' to get out and take some photos.   SO---today's post will show some Autumn Colors around our yard and the Fairfield Glade area.  All pictures were taken on 10/30/13.  Be sure to enlarge the photos for better pictures.

This photo was taken along one of the many lakes in our area.

A beautiful Maple tree in our area

Look at the trees behind our home.

Looking straight up at all of the colors in this Maple Tree

One more photo showing the pretty tree colors across the Canterbury Lake in Fairfield Glade, TN

Part of our Front Yard
You can see in this photo that our Dogwood has almost lost all of its leaves.  BUT--the Maples are showing off BIGTIME now... AND--do you see some Roses still blooming in that flowerbed?????

Looking toward our yard --from UP the street

Standing in our neighbor's yard --looking into our front yard

A close-up photo of our Maple Tree colors

From the backyard, looking toward the golf course

One more photo showing our backyard
Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pretty colors around our area on October 30, 2013.  After several cloudy and dark and dingy days,  it was a JOY to see the sunshine on this day.

How are the Fall Colors at your home???? We have had a VERY dry end of Summer and Fall--so I wasn't sure we'd have any pretty color at all this year.  Glad we have had some!!!!

Have a great weekend.  NOTE:  Glad I took these photos on Wednesday ---since we had so much WIND on Thursday that many of the leaves have come down!!!!!! Now--it's busy times ahead for me,  blowing and raking leaves!!!  Fun fun!