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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Greenbriar in the Smokies

When I surprised George with his birthday trip to the Serenity Falls Cabin in Cosby, TN in March, we spent part of a day at one of our favorite places in the Smokies, the Greenbriar area. We drive on a gravel road way back into the mountains ---following beside the Little Pigeon River.

After alot of rain, this river can be a 'wild and raging river'... There aren't any waterfalls per say ---but there are some beautiful cascades all along our way. Today, I will share some of our pictures in the Greenbriar area, using our new cameras!! Above is one of the beautiful cascades. Below are more!

Seems like we took a million pictures of EACH and EVERY cascade along our way!!!!! ha ha

Here is a picture of the Greenbriar area. I'm glad that they have pull-off areas along the way for people like us to get some pictures. In Summer, the locals use this area for swimming and kayaking. There is a picnic area not far from here also.

Here's another picture of the powerful water flowing over the rocks. Aren't the colors gorgeous?

George is standing on the bridge which leads to the Ramsey Cascades Hiking Trail (which is an 8 mile round-trip hike). Several creeks join up with the Little Pigeon River along our way. This is such a gorgeous area.

Finally, here is one more picture of the Little Pigeon River as it rushes over all of the rocks. I hope you have enjoyed these pictures---and IF you ever get to the Smokies, be sure and visit the Greenbriar area.


We have some more color in our yard FINALLY this Spring. If you remember from last year, I talked about our favorite ground cover --which we have in several places throughout our yard. That ground cover is PERIWINKLE, and we love it. The tiny blue/purple flowers are beginning to bloom now and are just so pretty.

Have a great Wednesday.