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Monday, January 21, 2013

ROCK HOUSE at Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio

Colors of the rocks at the Rock House at Hocking Hills State Park
I'm playing catch-up now --for awhile... We've been on so many trips and I just haven't had time to post all of my photos from these Fall trips... SO--today,  I'm sharing another post from our Ohio Trip which we took on 10/15-18/2012 with our friends Patti and NEAL Treadway. 

Today's pictures are from our hike to the ROCK HOUSE in the Hocking Hills State Park, near Logan, Ohio.  This is a fabulous CAVE --where we walked both inside and outside.

The thing which I loved was the color of the rocks in the area.  Above is a picture showing some of this fabulous color. Aren't they just gorgeous?  Please enlarge these photos... You'll love seeing them bigger!!!

Here is a collage showing pictures of Neal and Patti and George at the Rock House.  I love the picture of Tiny Patti (she really is tiny) in the top right photo --climbing around the cave!!!

This is one of several openings --looking inside the cave.    I couldn't get over the marvelous colors.

Here are some more pictures of the cave ---from the outside looking in.  The middle photo is the narrow entrance we used in order to go inside.

I love this picture of George looking around after we got inside the cave... It was such a fabulous experience ---and it's just one of those where  you just needed to BE THERE.

Here are more pictures from inside the cave.  The center picture is George --at one end.  The one at the bottom right is Neal, Patti and me.

Here is another picture taken from inside the cave looking out of one of the holes in the rocks...

Here is one more collage of us looking around inside that cave.  We were just mesmerized by what we saw in there.  The photo on the right shows me at the narrow entrance where we entered the cave.

Finally,  here is one more photo of the gorgeous colors of the rocks around the Rock House... Wouldn't you love to see this place?  We highly recommend it.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend... The SUN came out here --and even though it's quite cold,  it feels good to dry out and see those blue skies.  Praise God!

Have a fabulous day.