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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Finding a Hidden Jewel in the Smokies

On March 21, 2007, George and I went hiking in the Smokies. There are so many gorgeous waterfalls in the Smokies ---but the traffic, most of the year, is HORRIBLE. SO---we try to do our Smokies visits during 'off-season'--and on weekdays. Even though it was Spring Break for some schools, the traffic wasn't bad at all on this particular day. We drove coming and going on the Little River Road (from Gatlinburg to Townsend) which is my favorite drive in the Smokies. GORGEOUS!!!!!

We headed into Gatlinburg and drove on the Roaring Fork Nature Motor Trail--where there are trailheads to several waterfalls. We passed up Rainbow Falls (lots of cars there) and Grotto Falls (TONS of cars there)---and stopped at an 'unadvertised' waterfall--called BASKINS CREEK FALLS (pictured above). They must keep this hidden jewel JUST for 'us' waterfall people---who read all of the books. We were the ONLY ones on the trail the entire time--and the waterfall was worth the 3-mile-round-trip hike.

The hike UP-UP-UP...... (Pant Pant); Guess who was ahead of me????? ha

The trail was marvelous. We loved all of the rock formations along our path.

George was doing some rock-hopping along the creek in order to get more pictures of Baskins Creek Falls.

The hike was hard---quite steep, but we really enjoyed it. As you can tell, I am waiting while George goes higher to get more pictures.

Once we got back on Roaring Fork Road, we saw another waterfall (this one from the road) which is appropriately named "The Place of a Thousand Drips." You'll see from our pictures why the name is so appropriate. However, it was hard to get a good picture since the water was coming over MANY rocks.


Thirdly, we stopped at the Sugarland Visitor Center and walked to a small waterfall nearby called Cataract Falls. We had never seen this one either---so it was a nice SHORT walk--and a pretty waterfall. The deer in the field near the Visitor Center paid no attention to all of us people!!!!


George at Cataract Falls

And lastly, we stopped by another waterfall beside the Little River Road ---on our way home. We have seen this waterfall (called Meigs Falls) many times--but there was more water coming over the falls this time than ever before. SO--we stopped and took some pictures there and also admired the sounds of the 'rushing' Little River.


We love seeing the Little River (between Gatlinburg and Townsend). This is a popular place for kayaking and tubing in summer.

"Okay," she says. "As much as I hate to leave this gorgeous place, let's head on home."

Hope you had a great Monday... We another another RAINY day (7 in a row now)....

P.S. George and I have watched the Fox show, HOUSE, since its inception. Last night began the first show of this new season. This one happened to be a two-hour special---and let me tell you: this was one of the BEST dramas I have seen on TV in a very long time. It had all of the ingredients of a fabulous drama (including comedy, sadness, and very deep emotional feelings and thoughts). It delved into the deepest parts of the soul---and I felt the pain and anger and fear all the way through this process. Are they going to make Dr. House a 'nice' guy?????? Hmmmm---that remains to be seen. BUT--a very caring, warm guy popped out of him in this show. It was awesome. IF you are a HOUSE lover, I hope you saw this one!!!