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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jamestown Settlement --Part I

I posted a recent blog (Click HERE) on the three ships in Jamestown Settlement. Today and tomorrow I will share more from our trip to Jamestown Settlement for our anniversary in June of 2007. Jamestown Settlement is a living-history museum of 17th century Virginia. The picture above is at the Powhatan Indian Village. Below are more pictures.

I was fascinated with the canoes which were made out of tree trunks.

I decided to grind some corn. Want some????

Here was a shipwright at work. Very interesting!

George watched the blacksmith at work.

Here the basket-weaver is busy.

If you have children/grandchildren, Jamestown Settlement is a great place to take them. I'll post six more pictures tomorrow.


P.S. We had a nice visit with George's parents in Hendersonville yesterday. Both are doing quite well--considering their ages. Dad was very happy that his Vanderbilt team beat my Vols team in basketball last night!!! Oh Well---my team would do anything to make DAD happy I guess!!! ha