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Monday, October 2, 2017

Our WEST TRIP 2017 in a Nutshell

Hello my Blog Friends!!!  Hope all of you are doing fine and had a great September... George and I spent 16 days traveling out west....  In a nutshell for those 16 days,  we saw 11 National Parks or Monuments,  3 State Parks,  5 Navajo Indian Areas,  and many SCENIC drives...   Total miles in our Prius:  5446 miles.   Total pictures taken:  Betsy 2651 and George 2731.     Our weather was GREAT except for one rainy day.  It was a little hot the first several days,  but then cooled off nicely for the 2nd part of the trip!!!!!   The ONLY complaint we had were the crowds and bus-loads of people in many of the popular parks.  I guess September is no longer a good month to travel since we enjoy going places without the crowds.

We were in this area in 2011 --but out of the 19 places we visited,  we had only seen 5 of them before.  This trip was MOSTLY in Utah --and a little of Arizona.   Basically, this was a new trip for us!!!!!  AND--there's much more to see in that area.. I already have a list made!!!! ha... Obviously,  we LOVE visiting there!!!

Favorite places we visited this year:
MONUMENT VALLEY Navajo Tribal Park  (took an awesome tour there)
ANTELOPE CANYON  in Page, Arizona   (took a fantastic slot canyon tour there)
BRYCE CANYON   (a favorite in 2011 and this year)
CANYONLANDS --Island in the Sky (fabulous overlooks/hikes)
There are MORE favorites --but I'll stop here.

Today,  I just picked out random pictures from some of the areas we visited....  Over the next several weeks/months,  I will key in on certain areas to feature in future posts...   Hope you enjoy today's pictures.



Crazy Woman eating (and lovin')  NAVAJO FRY BREAD  at Monument Valley  9/9/17

CANYONLANDS -Island in the Sky;  Candlestick Tower  9/11/17

THE ARCHES ---George at  Double Arch  9/12/17

CAPITOL REEF --  Egyptian Temple  9/13/17

Us  at MONUMENT VALLEY 9/9/17  (We had a tour guide who took all kinds of pictures of us while there.  What great memories!)

ZION  9/15/17

GRAND STAIRCASE- ESCALANTE NATIONAL MONUMENT  9/14/17  ---We took the Burr Trail Scenic Backway  and I captured this picture.   Made me sing:  "People!  People who need People..."  (Looked like people to me!!!! ha)

CANYONLANDS -Island in the Sky  9/11/17;   Mesa Arch --one of our hikes in that area!

BRYCE CANYON  9/16/17;  A close-up of some of the HOODOOS!!!!

NAVAJO BRIDGE INTERPRETATIVE CENTER, near Page, Arizona  9/18/17;   We walked across the foot bridge and got a picture of the Colorado River below, surrounded by the Marble Canyon.  In the background are the Vermillion Cliffs.

GLEN CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION AREA,  Page, Arizona  9/18/17;  This is gorgeous Lake Powell  (with its blue blue water!)

CANYONLANDS -Island in the Sky  9/11/17;   This nutty woman is enjoying the view --and getting some good pictures below.... (Hope she doesn't fall off!!!!)

ANTELOPE SLOT CANYON,  Page, Arizona 9/18/17;  We had never been in a slot canyon before --but it was like walking in a CAVE with the light coming in from the open top... Our tour guide took this picture of us  in the canyon...   I cannot wait to show you more pictures from this tour... Unbelievable!!!!
IF you think I am still excited about this past trip,  I AM!!!!   We had a marvelous time --and I cannot wait to share more pictures with you...  We have visited many gorgeous places in our country,  but this is one we highly recommend...

Welcome to OCTOBER!!!!!  Please notice my new HEADER picture above..  That is what we saw while taking a SUNSET TOUR in MONUMENT VALLEY on 9/9/17...   Also---be sure and check out my Photo Blog Post (click HERE)...  There are two more pictures not featured today from another of our favorite places,   CEDAR BREAKS National Monument...

Have an awesome week and month ahead.