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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Ya-Ya Sisterhood

I am fortunate to have 3 VERY special life-long friends... The four of us (called the Getaway Gang) grew up together in the small town of Big Stone Gap, Virginia. We were all born the Summer of '42!!! We played together, were in some of the same classes together, and were in scouts together all through our younger years. Once we all graduated ---we went our separate ways.

Then in 1992---the year we ALL turned '50' (OOPS), the four of us decided that we wanted to start a yearly 'getaway' --just for us girls. That first year in October, we all met at Black Mountain, NC for 3-4 days of 'catch-up.' It was INCREDIBLE---to put it mildly. Even though all of our lives had gone down different roads, when we got together that first year in '92 (after over 30 years), it was as if we had never been apart. We talked--cried---giggled---talked some more---ate ALOT---and slept a little. It was truly magical!!!!

We decided at that time to try to make our special 'getaways' an annual event. AND---for most of us, that has happened!!! Some of our trips have been to North Carolina ---3 times/3 different places; the Smokies/Gatlinburg and Sevierville; New England; New Orleans; Cumberland Mountain State Park in TN; Blue Ridge, GA; and this past year to Tybee Island, Ga-- to name a few! The purpose is not where we are---but just the opportunity to get together and talk-talk-talk!!!! (AND--we can really do that!!!! ha ha ha)

I have always been blessed with great friends---but there's no friends like those we grow up with!!!! This picture is the four of us, being silly, taken by my son Jeff in 1993 near Gatlinburg, TN ... As you can tell, we are all 'pondering' life!!!! WHAT A HOOT!!!! (Call us the Ya-Ya-Sisterhood!!!!) From left to right: Front Row--Nita, Betsy; Top Row--Susan, Reida. There are a few more pictures below of the four of us!!!

This was our Kindergarten picture --taken around 1947. Can you pick me out??????

This was taken about 1950 when we were all in the Brownie Scouts together.

Another picture taken by my son when were near Gatlinburg in 1993

George took this picture of us in 2007 when we all met at Sevierville, TN.

Finally, this was our latest picture together taken this past October when we went to Tybee Island, GA. From left to right: Nita, Susan, Reida, and Betsy. This post is dedicated to these wonderful friends!!! I LOVE YOU!