Welcome to JOYFUL REFLECTIONS. Also welcome to JUNE!!!! Enjoy a group of one of my favorite Day Lilies in our yard. Meet "INDIAN GIVER".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dis an' Dat!!!

Today's blog post is a 'bunch' of different things. After yesterday's LONG, WORDY post, I wanted to give you an easy one. By the way, did you read the paragraph in yesterday's post about a dead baby on the train? It's a sad story about my grandmother in case you missed it--in that long long post.

Above is a gorgeous SKY picture that I think is just incredible. I don't know if George has used it for his SkyWatch post, but even if he has, I think it is great enough to show again. I love those clouds! Below are more May pictures!! Click on them for bigger views.

Our first Lily of the season; We have had about 4-5 of them---and there are LOTS more lilies to come, and many daylilies!

These pretty blossoms are on our ONLY Mountain Laurel bush... Remember when I showed you all of the Mountain Laurel in North Carolina???? WELL---we don't have very much Laurel around here---at least not that I've seen. BUT--we do have one small bush in our back yard---and this year, it has bloomed better than ever before. I love ours since it includes several different colors of pink. Neat, huh????

Many of you have shown pictures of your Clematis blooms. WELL----here's our FIRST one. Isn't that a pretty color????? I hope we have lots and lots of blooms this summer.

George took this beauitful close-up photo of the Clematis bloom. Don't you love these macro shots???? Can you see the raindrops????

Except for the bluebirds, I haven't taken any good photos of birds this month. Some of the birds we have at our feeders: House Finches (pictured above on the birdbath), lots of Goldfinches (including fledglings), Tufted Titmice, Carolina Chickadees, White-breasted Nuthatches, Cardinals, Brown Thrashers (two young ones enjoy our suet and sunflower seed), Mourning Doves (two come to our deck to clean up the 'floor' several times a day), Bluejays, in addtion to Downy and Red-bellied Woodpeckers. I need to find time to get some more pictures of my birds.

This is not a very good picture, but these are my two Mourning Doves on the ground below the deck. NOW--they are brave enough to come onto the deck to munch!!!!

Finally, look at all of the roses that are on our Dining Room table right now!!!!!! WOW!!! I counted 26 different blooms... But--I must admit that we usually don't have THIS many inside. It rained on Thursday (sometimes quite heavy), so George brought in the roses that were bent down, and put them in vases. Aren't they pretty???? I have enough that I can put them ALL over the house!!!! Oh--how great they smell!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend.