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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Snowy and Bitterly Cold Golf Course Walk 2-9-16

We walked on the cart path --and for some reason there were NO GOLFERS out on the course (HA HA)!!!!
We got a little more snow at our home in Tennessee this week (only about 2-3 inches total I think)---but George and I bundled up on Tuesday,  Feb. 9,  put on our boots and walked the Back Nine of our Golf Course.. For those who follow me regularly,  you know that we have walked this course MANY times since we started walking regularly in May of 2015.  BUT--this was the first time to walk when there was snow on the ground.

As you can imagine,  we stopped often and took a lot of pictures along the way... Today I will share with you some of this 80 minute walk (which usually takes us about 50 minutes on a normal day)... As you probably know (how could you not know? ha)----I LOVE snow.. SO---this was a fun walk for me, even though the temperature outside was only about 18 degrees.... Fun fun!!!!!!

Grab a cup of something hot and enjoy the pictures in the WARMTH of your home!!!!!

I always enjoy seeing the shrubs filled with snow.

George (with a RED NOSE) was saying:  "Why am I not at home sitting by the fire drinking a cup of hot tea?"

The Pond on Fairway 14 of our golf course (Druid Hills);  This is ALWAYS a favorite area to photograph in every season.  I enjoyed seeing it in Winter!

More snow-covered shrubs along our path

Even the boy who doesn't like snow will do whatever needed to get the perfect photo!!!

Continuing along our way, we crossed the bridge at Snead Canyon.

The creek at Snead Canyon;  Don't you know how COLD that water must have been??

George took this picture of a happy 'snow-lover' on a COLD COLD winter day!

A close-up of the snow, water and icicles ----which is another reason that photographers LOVE Winter!!!!!

The Pond on Fairway 17 of our walk;  The frogs love this pond in Summer!

As I said,  I LOVE seeing the snow covered shrubs/bushes/pine trees....

As we headed across the golf course for home,  I snapped a picture of the back of a nice warm house,  just waiting for us... Wonder if that next cup of hot coffee is waiting inside,  along with a cozy fire in the fireplace??????  YEAH.... We are HOME!

Poor little Daffodils in our yard!!!!!!  As we walked around the house headed toward the front,  I saw these Daffodils (some of them with BUDS)....  Hmmmmm--just a little early, don't you think????

One more picture I put on Facebook;  George took this picture of a very very happy lady (also with a red nose)--who still loves SNOW regardless of the bitterly strong winds and cold temperatures!!!!
Hope you enjoyed seeing our pictures...