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Friday, March 26, 2010

Gorgeous Charleston Homes

When friend NEAL and his family visited the Charleston area recently, it reminded me that we were there in June of 2008 (for our anniversary) --and that I haven't posted very many pictures from that area yet. SO --today I will share with you some of the gorgeous homes we saw in the Battery area on our visit to Charleston, SC.

In the picture above, I was interested in seeing what I called the "Widow's Walk" at the top of this house. The term "Widow's Walk" began years ago --when women would stand there watching for their men to come home from sea. I found out that this room is now used for ventilation (free air conditioning since heat rises).

This beauty on the Battery is known now as "Two Meeting Street Inn". Wealthy merchant George Williams purchased this house for his daughter, Martha, and her new husband, Jeweler Waring Carrington, after their marriage in l890. The Spell family bought the house in 1946--and still runs this beautiful B&B.

After buying his daughter her home, Daddy (George Williams) bought this 'tiny' house down the street... ha.... It is known as the Calhoun Mansion, and has 35 rooms and 23 fireplaces.... Wooooooooo!!!

Here is one of my favorite homes in Charleston. I think the gorgeous porches attract me to it.

We took a tour on one of their mule-drawn carriages --and enjoyed it very much (since we learned so much from the tour guide). The guide told us that we could rent the entire 2nd floor of this house ---for only $4000 a month!!!! AND that was in 2008.... Wonder what it rents for now?????? Want it?

This beautiful home is located in a perfect location--near the 'point' of the Battery. If you have not been to Charleston, you may not know that the Battery is the area (park) at the end of Charleston peninsula that used to serve as defensive batteries to protect the city if Fort Sumpter fell.

I have many more pictures to share from Charleston and that trip we took in 2008, so watch for future posts. If you ever get to Charleston, be sure and visit the Battery!!!

Have a great Friday.