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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kids and Grands

The picture above is of my three sons, and it was taken in late 1971.  Bert (who goes by Tre now--since he is a III) is about 8.   Jeff (the baby) is about 4-5 months. And Mark is almost 2.  I had Bert in July, 1963, lost a child between Bert and Mark,  had Mark in Jan. 1970, and had Jeff in May of 1971.  There's only 16 months difference between Mark and Jeff.  Bert was a great 'older' brother!

This picture I think was taken in about 1981.   Bert would be 18 here,   Mark -11 and Jeff -10.

And this picture was taken in 2007,  the LAST time I have seen all three sons TOGETHER...   That's Bert and Mark seated and Jeff standing behind them.  I love my sons more than life itself --and miss them so much!!!

This past Sunday,  I got to see one of my sons (Jeff) ---and three of my five grandchildren.   We met in Knoxville for lunch.   All five of my grandchildren are growing up so fast.  The five are:  Bay Lee-17,  Landon-almost 16,  Chris-15,  Brooke-14, and Avery-13.   Bay Lee and Brooke belong to Mark.  Chris belongs to Bert.  And Landon and Avery belong to Jeff.  The three grandkids in this picture who came to see us were Avery,  Brooke,  and Landon.  I was THRILLED to see them....  I cried all the way home because I miss them all so much.

Here's a picture of  these three wonderful grandchildren with me and son, Jeff.

Can you see the smiles on George's and my faces?  We enjoyed our little visit so very very much.  We don't get to see any of them very much --so when we do,  that time is extra-special!!!

Finally,  Jeff took this picture of all five of the grandchildren,  taken when they were visiting their other grandfather.  From left to right:  Avery,  Landon,  Chris,  Bay Lee, and Brooke.    Isn't that a great group of 'cousins'????   They are all growing up so fast.  I'm so proud of all of them.

Hug your kids and grands ---and if they live nearby,  be thankful that you are there to watch them grow as they go through their busy lives!!

Call me totally crazy --but I am now on Facebook.   I truly don't have time to do something like this ---but my kids/grands are all on Facebook and that seems to be the only way I can keep up with them and hear from them....  SO---if you are on Facebook,  I would love to be your 'friend'....  Go to my sidebar and click on my site!!!!!