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Monday, January 3, 2011

Stepping into 2011

On Friday,  I showed a sunset on my blog ---representing the ending of the year... SO--what better way to begin a new year than by sharing a SUNRISE for you today.  I told you that,  when we go to the beach in May,  we cannot see either the sunset nor the sunrise.  In December,  we saw them BOTH... How marvelous is that!!!!

SO--to honor the beginning of 2011,  I will share with you a beautiful SUNRISE which we saw on December 23, 2010 at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina (taken from our balcony).  Above is first glance of the sunrise.  The sky's color over the water was incredible...  I may have even liked it more than the sunset...  Awe Shucks--I love them both!!!!!

You can see a little evidence of the sun beginning to pop up in the distance.

See it??????   It was a very clear morning ---and there is one man walking on the beach.

Hello Sunshine!!!!!!  Welcome to a beautiful morning!

The man on the beach stopped and took pictures --just like we were doing from our balcony.  I love the reflection in the water in this picture.

Isn't this just awesome?   Doesn't a picture like this just make you glad to be alive???  LOVE it.

Here's one last picture of our sunrise.  I included this sun-burst picture for my good friend, RUTH.  Isn't this a great picture????  Makes me want to live at the beach year-round... NAH---I'd miss my mountains!!!!! ha

I wish all of you HAPPINESS,  HOPE and LOVE --and especially good HEALTH all during 2011.